RILEY: Touches on future plans, near and far

CORVALLIS – The day after. Mike Riley on Saturday offered some reflections of the Civil War as well as some thoughts on the future. What of that dynamic run game, and that aggressive defense? Riley touched on that and he discussed bowling, as well as a travel update on the OSU coaching staff and more…

  • Mike Riley said the look and feel of Friday's Civil War is what the Beavers will be striving for as a picture of the future of Oregon State football.

  • All coaches, Riley included, will be leaving today and Sunday for home visits on the OSU recruiting map.

  • Riley did talk briefly with AD Bob De Carolis the other day and there is a lot of speculation, Riley says, as to which bowl game the Beavs will attend. But he says that they currently don't know and may not know for a week where, if anywhere, they are going. The team is still operating on the assumption that they will be playing a bowl game at 6-6, but the Beavs will not practice until next Monday at the earliest.

  • Riley said that junior H-back Connor Hamlett's knee injury has to do with his meniscus, and that he is currently questionable for a bowl game pending further diagnosis. Senior guard Josh Andrews strained his calf but should be good for a bowl game.

  • Riley said it is "necessary" for the Beavs to earn a bowl game. He said that it is important for current players, good for recruiting, and you get the extra practices some of which will be spent on the younger players.

  • Riley told his team before the Civil War that he didn't care about the score, he just wanted his team to play the way they were supposed to. And he got his wish, and said that his team played more like themselves Friday night than they did the week before against Washington.

  • "What if…" questions were parading through Riley's head after the loss, he said, but few of them had anything to do with the defense. Riley said he was proud of the defensive effort his team put forth against the Ducks.
  • Riley reflected on the Beavs' top-notch running performance, and joked that he loved and hated seeing Terron Ward and Storm Woods put up a grip of hashes. With hindsight being 20/20, Riley said he wondered what his offense may have shaped up to be had the run game found its legs earlier this season.

  • Riley said when Victor Bolden hoofed it in for the Beavs final score of Friday night, he had a flash back to the James Rodgers sweep that gave OSU the win in the 2007 Civil War.

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