Beavs learn postseason bowl fate today

TODAY IS THE DAY the Beavs find out where, or if, they go bowling. The good news is that while many were predicting Oregon State would end up getting passed over at 6-6, many of those same prognosticators are now projecting to the Beavs in a bowl. So where might they land? The prevailing opinion seems to be Hawaii...

ESPN's Brad Edwards says Oregon State will play in the AdvoCare V100 Bowl (Independence) in Shreveport, La. on Dec. 31 as an at-large pick against Boston College.

But ESPN's Mark Schlabach disagrees. He has Oregon State in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl in Honolulu on Dec. 24 as an at-large pick facing off against Boise State.

Jerry Palm of CBS agrees with Schlabach.

Some wondered if the losses by Oklahoma State and Northern Illinois might propel a second Pac-12 team, likely the Ducks, into a BCS game, giving the Pac-12 two BCS entrants and changing Oregon State's bowl game in the process. But that seems like it was always a non-starter and that the BCS was always going to take two Big 12 teams instead regardless of yesterday's results. Here's why.

Baylor goes to the Fiesta by beating Texas Saturday as the Big 12 champion. Both Oklahoma State and Oklahoma should remain in the required Top 14 of the BCS.

Next year, the Sugar Bowl begins their association with the Big 12. The Sugar Bowl is not going to pass over an eligible Big 12 team this year. To do so would create a huge conflict for the coming partnership.

Meanwhile, the odds are that the Orange, with their partnership with the ACC beginning next year, will pick Clemson, (assuming they don't fall out of the Top 14 which seems unlikely after yesterday's results.)

Add it all up and it means one Pac-12 team in the BCS and a likely at-large berth for the Beavs. Where else might be the Beavs be going?

USA Today is still playing Scrooge, predicting OSU will get passed over.

The San Diego Union Tribune agrees with Schlabach and Palm, forecasting the Hawaii Bowl.

ESPN's Ted Miller has a different view than his co-workers at ESPN, projecting the Beavs to play in the Texas Bowl on Dec. 27 against a Big Ten team.

An announcement is expected sometime in the early evening on Sunday.

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