Storytime with Oregon State's Dylan Wynn

CORVALLIS -- T'was the week before Christmas and all through Tommy Prothro… I'm kidding. With a running attack that has served as Boise State's bread and butter, everything they do feeds off of that -- there doesn't seem to be any great mystery to how to win this bowl game for the Beavs. We asked Dylan Wynn for his thoughts…

One of the more obvious themes of Tuesday's practice session for the defense -- hitting that sweet spot when it comes to aggression – hitting hard but still patient enough so as to not over-pursue.

This will be especially important for Oregon State when it comes to defending a BSU offense that has been adept at running the ball and effective in short- to mid-range play action this season.

The key to all that in large part resides in stopping Boise State running back Jay Ajayi.

For more perspective, BF.C spoke with junior defensive end Dylan Wynn. What has he seen from Ajayi, and how do you stop the No. 17 tailback in the nation?

"Tackling-wise, this running back will just as easy run you over as he will juke you out," Wynn said. "And really it's all about fundamentals, and getting your hips down. It's how we're taught to tackle since we were all little. It really just breaks down to fundamentals, and swarming to the ball, getting everyone to the ball and putting hats (on Ajayi)."

Boise State has a running QB as well and OSU has had their share of troubles this season with those kinds of guy. But to Wynn, it doesn't complicate matters.

"We're definitely prepared for it. We feel very comfortable against running quarterbacks," Wynn said. "It's the norm for us now. And we are expecting a running quarterback, absolutely."

Wynn has said previously he craves those big hits and difficult tackles, and even if he doesn't always get the opportunity to make the stop himself, he is always looking for that opportunity.

"At least for the D-line, when it turns out to (getting) hits on running backs, we typically don't get flush hits," Wynn said. "I like big hits, but when it comes down to it, typically (running backs) won't go head-to-head with a D-lineman."

And Wynn is hoping to make a boat load of contact elsewhere in the Hawaii Bowl.

"I'm really looking forward (to playing) against their O-line, which a lot of people aren't talking about," Wynn said. "They're physical and they're fast and they're athletic – they execute their job really well, and I feel that has a lot to do with (Ajayi's) success. Their O-line and their tight ends do a great job blocking for him."

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