Where do Beav, CFB players come from?

IF YOU HAD to guess in considering the 2013 OSU roster, which county in-state produced the most Beavs? What three locales in California accounted for a whopping two dozen Beavers? Which U.S. geographic area would you say produces the most FBS college football players per capita? What about the most heavily recruited metro area in the country?

A fantastic feature by Benn Stancil of MODE answers all of those questions and more.

  • Granted, there is no distinction made between scholarship and walk on players. But their research shows Benton County produced the most Beavers from the state with four. Nine counties are represented, producing a total of 22 Beavers.

  • Los Angeles county, San Bernardino County and Riverside County were the big three for the Beavs in California, producing nine, eight and seven Beavers, respectively.

  • South Florida produces the most players per capita for nearly every position - except kicker and punter.

  • Los Angeles is the most heavily recruited metro area in the country.

    For the full interactive map: CLICK HERE

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