How does OSU class measure up?

IF YOU LOOK up and down the Pac-12, nobody may have a more balanced recruiting class than Oregon State. That is one of the many observations from National Recruiting Analyst Brandon Huffman. BF.C asked Huffman to weigh in on a variety of areas surrounding the 2014 OSU class...

BEAVERFOOTBALL.COM: What's the big takeaway from the class overall?

Huffman: This may be the most balanced class in the Pac-12. They got a commitment at every position, and stocked up at a couple of key positions. There is a nice blend of West Coast kids as well as out-of-region kids.

BEAVERFOOTBALL.COM: How would you say they did in the areas of size, speed?

Huffman:Size, definitely- with double-digit big men. Plus three receivers. As for speed, most of their receivers are of the big, possession variety, though Xavier Hawkins may be in that same Brandin Cooks/Victor Bolden mold.

BEAVERFOOTBALL.COM: What position group(s) did they do the strongest in, what position group(s) do you think they fell short in?

Huffman:Offensive lineman and defensive linemen, no question. Two true offensive tackles and one that can play guard plus two guards, including one who can play center. Then defensively, four defensive ends, with two who could grow to play inside with the one defensive tackle they have.

The running game could have used another true back, especially a speed back. Ryan Nall is a power back, more of a fullback while Harris Ross is more a yard and carry churner rather than a burner.


Huffman: The best get is Sumner Houston - love his motor and he'll remind a lot of Dylan Wynn.

BEAVERFOOTBALL.COM: Biggest sleeper?

Huffman: Sleeper is Jake Knight - he's a versatile player that could be effective at a couple of positions, just overlooked some because he's from Idaho.

BEAVERFOOTBALL.COM: Immediate impact players?

Huffman: Instant impact is Harris Ross because I think Oregon State needs another boost to their running game.

BEAVERFOOTBALL.COM: Which coaches did a noteworthy job out on the recruiting road and why?

Huffman: Mike Cavanaugh is the best offensive line coach in the Pac-12 but he's also a very good recruiter. And Joe Seumalo and Brent Brennan continue to do a stellar job in recruiting.

BEAVERFOOTBALL.COM: How would you rate the class as compared to the rest of the Pac-12?

Huffman: It's a top 50 class nationally but it's a lower half in the Pac-12 class. Yet, that hasn't stopped Mike Riley classes before- they've always done a great job of developing the talent. What is has is a lot of depth, giving them more to work with.

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