OSU Spring Ball Day 3: The pads were crackin'

CORVALLIS – It was a day of firsts at Oregon State. The Beavs put on shoulder pads for the first time this spring and the first team offense went against the first team defense as well.

The transition to 1-on-1s was marked by plenty of hooting and hollering from the defense, with contact at Oregon State for the first time since December. There was definitely a change in atmosphere on Day 3 after the first two days of slower, helmets-only work.

Indeed, the defensive line, and the defense as a whole, looked pleased as punch at being able to crack pads with their counterparts on offense.

• TE Connor Hamlett started off the day practicing, but stopped about halfway through and was seen walking around practice, still in pads, with an ice pack on his knee.

• As usual the day started with special teams and included a mix of working inside and going outside.

• There was work done on punts and kickoffs with the focus on breaking through blockers.

• Punter Keith Kostol looked good today seeing all his punts go for over 40 yards including his opening kick indoors which sailed nearly 50 yards, barely missing the ceiling.

• When kicking from the 50-yard line, both of his punts landed inside the 10 with one being knocked down on the goal line by Cyril Noland and the other taking a quick bounce past Chris Brown into the end zone.

• Romaine displayed some good accuracy today with everything sailing down the middle, including his final kick from 55 yards out which despite being on target fell a little short.

• Before coming back together for the 1-on-1s the offense and defense split up where they worked on sets and position drills.

• The OBs were particularly fun to watch as the worked on loose balls and feeling pressure in the pocket.

Sean Mannion was stripped at least once by the other QBs coming in and slapping at the ball.

• Mannion threw some crisp passes today, but unfortunately the same could not be said of Luke Del Rio who was looking a little off on his passes most of the day.

• The first set of 1-on-1s involved an offensive player trying to block a defensive player while another offensive player with a ball attempted to reach the other side.

• Things looked relatively even with both sides claiming their victories.

Mike Cavanaugh seemed relatively pleased for the most part with the effort and work of his o-line.

Dylan Wynn was playing hard through the whistle and always topped the ball carrier, even if they had initially gotten past him.

Hunter Jarmon had a nice catch on a high thrown ball from Del Rio.

Malik Gilmore was getting time with the 1s as the third receiver.

Victor Bolden dropped a few passes today, but that looked to be more a result of some over- and under-throws.

• During another offense vs. defense set they split into two groups, one working on passing and the other working on running.

• In the passing group QBs Del Rio and Kyle Kempt were throwing passes against secondary. Larry Scott intercepted the first thrown ball and Malik Gilmore made a nice catch on another pass.

• In the running group, QBs Mannion and Brent Vanderveen faced off with the lineman and linebackers.

• During the running drills, the o-line opened up some decent holes against the first and second-team defense.

- Brandon Bennett-Jackson was drawn off-sides by a hard count.

- Grant Bays had a false start.

- Storm Woods showed some nice strength running of the defense to the delight of the offense.

- Brown was showing some speed in turning the corner.

• Walk-on Jaylynn Bailey had the unfortunate distinction of being the first player, and only player, I've seen to get knocked to the ground while practicing breaking through tacklers after the catch. The Beavs are in pads but tackling to the ground is not on the menu. He took his next rep right away and was successful breaking through although the hit looked to have its effect.

• Out of action today were Isaac Seumalo, Josh Mitchell, and Stevie Coury.

Terron Ward wore the helmet cam today.

• Walk-on receiver J.C. Grim has left the program.

• Former Cal QB Zach Kline attended practice. He was reported to be transferring to the OSU program but since he has not enrolled nor signed financial aid papers, he remains a recruitable athlete and OSU cannot talk specifically about him.

Running with the 1's on offense on Day 3

LT Bobby Keenan
LG Sean Harlow
C Roman Sapolu
RG Grant Bays
RT Gavin Andrews
QB Sean Mannion
RB Storm Woods
SE Richard Mullaney
FL Victor Bolden
SB: Malik Gilmore
TE – Connor Hamlett, later Caleb Smith

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