OSU Spring Ball Day 5: Switching things up

CORVALLIS – There was some movement on the offensive line on Day 5, as o-line coach Mike Cavanaugh tried out some different combinations. So how did they do? Meanwhile, linebacker Caleb Saulo made some noise, split end Kendall Hill dived into the fundamentals, safety Tyrequek Zimmerman and defensive end Dylan Wynn teamed up and more…

Grant Bays practiced at center with the ones on Day 5.

Nolan Hansen took over Bays' duties at right guard.

The offensive line struggled to open up holes on Wednesday, but got better as the day went on.

Dylan Wynn was getting a nice push on Sean Harlow when they were matched up across from one another on the line.

Caleb Saulo came up for a nice hit at the line of scrimmage on one play.

Saulo also played some nice defense on Tyler Perry, preventing him from hauling in the ball on one occasion.

The running backs were doing a nice job of gaining ground, even with the defense wreaking havoc in the backfield during many drills.

Bays and Austin Johnson were practicing snapping and blocking (at center), along with Roman Sapolu.

Both Trevor Romaine and back up kicker Garrett Owens showed off some good accuracy and distance during warm ups, hitting from about 45 and 50 yards out.

Romaine helped Owens with his technique early on.

I was impressed by Owens who, by my eye, looked to be getting a little more distance and air under the ball than Romaine.

Sean Mannion was fairly consistent on the day, though on occasion he was high on certain passes, low on certain other types. But all in all, a decent day, especially when attacking the middle part of the field on a variety of throws.

Overall, the QBs looked okay, but each also tossed enough passes that were off target, preventing it from being a "good" day.

Quarterbacks Kyle Kempt and Luke Del Rio struggled a bit with the medium throws during warm ups, but cleaned it up a little as the session went on.

Wynn was drawn off sides by a Mannion hard count.

It would be safe to say the execution on both sides of the ball on Day 5 was okay, but not super crisp.

Kendall Hill was given extensive one-on-one time with a coach where they worked on shedding blockers

Victor Bolden showed good speed and elusiveness while practicing kick returns

• Bolden showed an ability to gain some nice separation from Steven Nelson

• Wynn and Tyrequek Zimmerman combined for a nice tackle while sniffing out a fly sweep from Bolden

Ryan Murphy missed a tackle on a screen pass allowing the offense to make a huge gain

• Zimmerman made an excellent open field tackle on Bolden

Jabral Johnson showed good ability to wrap up Storm Woods in the open field

• Woods and Terron Ward continued to split snaps with the ones

• QBs and RBs worked on plays a bit that were, shall we say, of the exotic kind. (BF.C policy is generally not to mention any trick plays with the exception being if another media outlet at practice or the official Oregon State site reports on them.)

Connor Hamlett was wearing the helmet cam today

• Out of action today were Michael Doctor, Isaac Seumalo, Josh Mitchell, Will Hopkins and Stevie Coury.

• Seumalo had his left foot/lower leg in a cast today and was rolling around practice with his leg propped on a four-wheeled scooter.

• Hopkins had his right leg/foot in a cast, but was still walking around.

Running with the 1s

QB - Sean Mannion
RB - Storm Woods/Terron Ward
SE - Richard Mullaney
FL - Victor Bolden
TE – Connor Hamlett and Caleb Smith
LT - Bobby Keenan
LG - Sean Harlow
C – Grant Bays
RG – Nolan Hansen
RT - Gavin Andrews

LCB - Steven Nelson
RCB - Larry Scott
OLB - Michael Doctor
MLB - Jabral Johnson
OLB - D.J. Alexander
SS - Tyrequek Zimmerman
FS - Ryan Murphy
RE - Dylan Wynn
RDT - Edwin Delva
LDT - Siale Hautau
LE - Jaswha James

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