OSU Spring Day 7: DL with full head of steam

CORVALLIS -- There was lots of experimenting with personnel in the trenches today on the offense line. But when the ball was snapped, the DL got the better of it. Terron Ward did his best impression of a bowling ball, while there were some close misses on the sidelines and away from the intended field of play.

DT Jalen Grimble did some nice work today in his time with the ones. The Beavs are likely to give a lot of turns to Edwin Delva and Siale Hautau in an effort to determine the pecking order, with Grimble expected to take one starting spot.

He also looked good in drills. After starting the day as normal with special teams, the team switched things up for the first set of rotations by having the defense stay with the offensive coaches to do the drills the offense has been doing (and vice versa). During these drills Grimble knocked Jabral Johnson off kilter and out of bounds.

Dustin Stanton got in to take some snaps at right guard with the ones. Fred Lauina was in at the left guard on the No. 1 unit.

The Beavs are low on healthy bodies on the o-line and Sam Curtius was also one of the new faces on the line. But the day didn't go all that well for the walk on, he looked completely overmatched. James pushed him around and out of the pocket on a number of occasions and he struggled at other times.

It wasn't all him, though. When facing a mix of the ones and twos, the defensive line absolutely demolished the O-line. Brandon Bennett made it to the quarterback on almost every snap he was in. I don't think I saw a play where the defense didn't break through the line in at least one location, and it was usually in more than one spot.

On the upside, Sean Harlow did a nice job of blocking Dylan Wynn while Harlow played a few snaps at left tackle.

Wynn ran as a defensive tackle a little with the twos today.

For the most part, Sean Mannion and the quarterbacks looked on target today with only a few minor misthrows. Mannion and Victor Bolden made a number of nice connections on the day.

The receivers were dropping balls early, but mostly cleaned it up as practice went on.

Running back Terron Ward made a beautiful catch on a screen pass thrown slightly behind him on one occasion. Damien Haskins was unable to replicate the same results on the next rep.

Ward showed off his bowling ball ability, bouncing off multiple tacklers during one sequence as he barreled his way downfield.

Ward showed a nice ability to pop through small holes.

Not to be outdone, Storm Woods made a similar play on the next rep, albeit with a bit bigger hole and more room to operate in.

Chris Brown made a nice run hitting a large hole made by Booby Keenan who was practicing at left guard with the twos.

Malik Gilmore was able to bring in a ball on a crossing route despite bobbling the ball partly as a result of some tight coverage from Brandon Arnold.

D.J. Alexander took in some tough love for not taking care of stuff covered previously.

Malcolm Marable showed some excellent defense jumping to swat away a deep ball from Kempt intended for Malik Gilmore.

Marble nearly had another nice deflection, but was denied by Walter Jones' hauling in a bobbling ball in traffic.

Gilmore also did a good job on the play beating Marble downfield with both receiving praise for the play.

At one point Richard Mullaney and Bolden collided in the secondary as Bolden was trying to pick up additional yardage after bringing in a pass from Mannion.

Overall, the secondary was doing ok sticking with receivers, but were getting beat downfield too much for the coaches' liking.

Cyril Noland Lewis practiced with the safeties again today.

Hayden Craig made a nice catch from his knees on a ball thrown by Kyle Kempt.

Will Hopkins struggled in trying to contain Baker Pritchard out in the pattern.

• Out of action today were Isaac Seumalo, Josh Mitchell, Larry Scott, Connor Hamlett, A.J. Hedgecock, Devan Filipe, Nolan Hansen and Stevie Coury.

• Coach Brent Brennan was nearly hit from behind during one drill when he went to give some coaching to a group of receivers. Mike Riley was the only one who warned him. Riley noted (laughing) that all the players just sat there with smiles on their faces.

• Isaac Seumalo was also almost hit at another point in practice and had to throw out a stiff arm in protect himself. Luckily he was narrowly missed and no contact was made.

Running with the 1's
QB - Sean Mannion
RB - Storm Woods/Terron Ward
WR - Victor Bolden and Richard Mullaney
TE – Caleb Smith and Kellen Clute
LT – Sam Curtius
LG - Sean Harlow
C – Grant Bays
RG Fred Lauina
RT Gavin Andrews

LCB - Steven Nelson
RCB – Dashon Hunt/Malcolm Marble
OLB - Michael Doctor
MLB - Jabral Johnson
OLB - D.J. Alexander
SS - Tyrequek Zimmerman
FS - Ryan Murphy
RE - Dylan Wynn
RDT - Edwin Delva
LDT - Siale Hautau
LE - Jaswha James

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