OSU SPRING DAY 8: Lots going on

CORVALLIS – Oregon State got a good look on Wednesday at their cornerback stores – because both of the Beav corners listed atop the depth chart sat out Wednesday's session. And Dashon Hunt did not disappoint. Meanwhile, the Beavs were also doing some intriguing things out there on offense on Day 8.

Larry Scott (hamstring) and Steven Nelson (illness) looked to be a little dinged up (though it doesn't appear serious based on how they were walking around.) But with both out of practice for the day, Dashon Hunt and Malcolm Marable got time running with the No. 1 defense.

Scott and Nelson, from this chair, are the starters but Hunt and Marable did well on Wednesday, and Hunt in particular has had a gfood spring. At the very least, it's something that bodes well for the nickel and dime packages, and the Beaver CB depth in general.

Hunt was doing a nice job of sticking with Bolden in coverage, while Marable looked mostly solid in and sticking with his receivers and swatting a few balls away.

MEANWHILE, THE HAND of new offensive coordinator John Garrett appears to have been on display on Day 8. The quarterbacks and running backs mixed in a bit of pistol offense to their practice routine. Whether this represents a new facet of the offense or just some spring experimentation remains to be seen.

Storm Woods showed some good acceleration on his way to the end zone, but equally impressive was both Hunt's and Marable's pursuit speed. By my eye it looked like they could have caught him before the end zone if they had gone 100 percent rather than letting up slightly at the very end so as not risk injury to Woods.

Ward has been getting first crack with the ones with Woods getting the second.

QB Sean Mannion was mostly on target -- he was off a little on some balls but most of those were still catchable. Hunt had a pick-six off Mannion. But apart from that, Mannion and the QBs were on target and especially so in drills. Indeed, walk on Jaylynn Bailey had one of the only drops I saw all day during drills.

The No. 1 offensive line looked considerably better than it has the past couple practices.

With center Isaac Seumalo out this spring, the Beavs on Wednesday had Sean Harlow and Bobby Keenan calling out the assignments for the ones.

Harlow was opening up some nice holes today including one where he shoved Brandon Bennett out of the way.

Fred Lauina struggled a bit getting beat on multiple plays but o-line coach Mike Cavanaugh gave him some personal attention which seemed to help.

There was a botched snap between Mannion and Grant Bays resulting in the ball on the ground -- thanks to Mannion's quick thinking the play was still nearly successful.

But as for the No. 2 o-line, when matched against the No. 1 d-line, the second string offensive line was run over.

Darrell Songy had some difficulties with the pass rushing drill, going to the ground on two consecutive reps against Ricky Ortiz. Songy was clearly not happy and came back strong, beating David Henry a few snaps later and later turned in a nice pass break-up while covering Connor Hamlett.

Terron Ward practiced punt returns today and while he didn't look bad he paled in comparison to the speed and elusiveness of Victor Bolden.

Richard Mullaney got some one-on-one time with WRs coach Brent Brennan, working on getting off the line quickly and shedding would-be blockers.

Damien Haskins did a good job against Rommel Mageo on Wednesday.

Turnabout is fair play, and Storm Woods was bulldozed back into the quarterback by D.J. Alexander on one play.

Tyler Anderson was doing a good job against Manase Hungalu, but benefitted by holding a bit at the end of the play.

Kyle Kempt three some good long passes.

Jalen Grimble was doing a nice job clogging up the middle with the twos, including one particular play where he drew two blockers allowing Noke Tago to go through the line with relative ease and disrupt the play.

Grimble did a good job consistently beating Fred Lauina.

Bolden nearly had a drop when he looked to turn and head up field before securing a ball from Mannion.

Ryan Murphy did a nice job wrapping up Bolden for a short gain on a pass from Mannion.

Cyril Noland was once again practicing with the safeties. It would seem the experiment of moving him to linebacker may have run its course given that he's been back with the safeties the past several practices.

Obum Gwacham showed some hustle and on one particular snap went from disrupting the play in the backfield to being 20 yards down field to help with the stop after the quarterback got off a quick throw.

Luke Del Rio improvised nicely on a pass to Haskins while under intense pressure.

Micah Audiss had a nice defensive play swatting a ball away from Caleb Smith.

Davin Chappell nearly had a pick on Kyle Kempt.

• Out of action today were Isaac Seumalo, Josh Mitchell, Larry Scott, Steven Nelson, A.J. Hedgecock, Nolan Hansen, Michael Greer, and Stevie Coury

• Songy was enjoying some of the music today and was heard singing along (loudly) to a Wiz Khalifa song.

• Anderson's folks were in attendance and they travelled over 800 miles to attend.

• Mullaney wore the helmet cam today.

Running with the 1's
QB - Sean Mannion
RB - Storm Woods/Terron Ward
WR - Victor Bolden and Richard Mullaney
TE – Caleb Smith
LT – Bobby Keenan
LG - Sean Harlow
C – Grant Bays
RG Fred Lauina
RT Gavin Andrews
Second TE/Third WR: Connor Hamlett/Malik Gilmore

CB – Malcolm Marable
CB – Dashon Hunt
OLB - Michael Doctor
MLB - Jabral Johnson
OLB - D.J. Alexander
SS - Tyrequek Zimmerman
FS - Ryan Murphy
RE - Dylan Wynn
RDT - Edwin Delva
LDT - Siale Hautau
LE - Jaswha James

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