OSU Spring Ball Day 9: The Big Report

CORVALLIS -- The offensive line had a new face today with tight end Dustin Stanton changing to No. 74 and moving inside from tight end to left tackle. And he didn't waste any time in getting physical – indeed, there were high emotions at practice with scuffles breaking out twice. We have tons of notes from Day 9 of spring ball with the Beavs…

The first dust-up was between Jalen Grimble and Dustin Stanton. The second was tougher to see and involved a mess of linemen. In both situations teammates were able to quickly calm down players involved.

Stanton (6-4, 255) not surprisingly struggled with the move to left tackle, (it's unknown if it's a permanent move or one of necessity with so few bodies on the o-line and some so-so results this spring.) On one play, Stanton was completely beaten by defensive end Obum Gwacham. His frustration seemed to be an instigating factor in the scuffle that broke out between him and Grimble.

Grant Bays, Storm Woods and Connor Hamlett were all out of action, (full list at bottom).

DAY 9 WAS dominated by the defense with long balls being one of the few areas where the offense was able to consistently get the better of the D.

With Woods out, Chris Brown was given a large number of reps with the ones.

But almost all the running plays (regardless of who was in) were stopped at or near the line of scrimmage.

The offensive line as a whole did a very poor job and Coach Cavanaugh was clearly frustrated.

Brown, who was struggling a bit got a little extra help with his blocking technique.

Bobby Keenan was one of the (few) bright spots on the O-line though he ran primarily with the 2s.

Dylan Wynn gave Keenan all he could handle, but Keenan still did a nice job blocking. On one particular occasion it looked like Wynn had a clear path to the quarterback, but was stopped by Keenan as soon as he tried to make a move. Titus Failauga was stopped in his tracks on multiple occasions by Keenan.

Keenan was also getting downfield to throw blocks on the rare occasion of a running play making it beyond the line of scrimmage. Keenan was nearly beat on the edge by Brandon Bennett, but not quite.

• The quarterbacks and running backs practiced a few reps in the pistol again.

• The Beavers briefly conducted some one-on-one blocking drills -- defense won the day. Here are some of the results:
- Ryan Murphy beat Richard Mullaney.
- Steven Nelson beat Victor Bolden.
- Malik Gilmore did okay against Tyrequek Zimmerman, but was slightly beaten.
- Terron Ward beat Michael Greer.
- Gavin Andrews demolished Jaswha James.
- Baker Pritchard beat Dustin Stanton.

Caleb Smith called it a day early and was seen still in pads but with no helmet.

• Gilmore had a tough day securing the ball, getting stripped once and nearly stripped two other times (by the coaches) before he had even faced the defense.

Tyler Perry had some trouble with his blocking technique and at one point was escorted to the ground by offensive coordinator John Garrett to make a point – Garrett wanted him to get ‘belly-to-belly'. Perry immediately showed improvement, much to the delight of Garrett.

Sean Mannion had a nice connection with Kellen Clute over the middle of the field at one point.

• Mannion and the rest of the QBs underthrew most of their receivers deep, with most of the deep completions coming as a result of receivers losing their coverage and coming back to the ball.

• Victor Bolden in particular made a nice turnaround catch on a ball thrown deep by Mannion.

• A ball thrown hard and a little low by Brent Vanderveen resulted in a drop by Kendall Hill.

David Henry had a drop during ball security drills.

Dashon Hunt did a nice job in coverage on Friday. Among the highlights, he batted a ball out of the hands of Walter Jones and stuck with Bolden in coverage. But he was also beaten deep on a few other occasions.

• I saw Jalen Grimble quickly force his way into the backfield on multiple occasions.

• Hunter Jarmon had a nice comeback catch on a ball from Kyle Kempt with Brandon Arnold in tight coverage.

• Sean Harlow did a nice job blocking Brandon Bennett.

• Roman Sapolu was getting pushed back and beaten by Ali'I Robins.

• Brown was shaken up by a jarring hit from Wynn causing the ball to pop out. Wynn recovered the fumble.

• Mannion showed decent speed and maneuverability on one particular play.

• The secondary did some of their best work in coverage this spring on Day 9. Nearly every rep by the offense on medium-range pass plays unsuccessful with the quarterbacks throwing the ball away on about half the snaps. Oregon State's zone in particular looked solid and gave the quarterbacks a lot of trouble.

Rommel Mageo nearly had an interception on Mannion.

• Still, Mannion was relatively on target for the most part, but was throwing a bit hard. He had one ball fly through the hands of Perry in the end zone when a little less mustard would have made for a score.

• Mageo made a nice open field tackle on Bolden who did a nice job securing the ball after the catch before getting hit.

• Caleb Saulo knocked the wind out of Walter Jones on a hit that could be heard from the sideline. Jones rejoined the team after briefly talking with trainers.

• Hunter Jarmon had a nice comeback diving catch on a ball thrown by Mannion.

• Jaylynn Bailey did some nice work in choosing a lane.

QB - Sean Mannion
RB - Terron Ward/Chris Brown
WR - Victor Bolden and Richard Mullaney
TE – Tyler Perry and Kellen Clute
LT – Dustin Stanton
LG - Sean Harlow
C – Roman Sapolu
RG Fred Lauina
RT Gavin Andrews

CB – Steven Nelson
CB – Dashon Hunt
OLB - Michael Doctor
MLB - Jabral Johnson
OLB - D.J. Alexander
SS - Tyrequek Zimmerman
FS - Ryan Murphy
RE - Dylan Wynn
RDT - Edwin Delva
LDT - Siale Hautau
LE - Jaswha James

• Out of action were Isaac Seumalo, Josh Mitchell, Larry Scott, A.J. Hedgecock, Connor Hamlett, Hayden Craig, Storm Woods, Grant Bays, and Stevie Coury.

• Scott was seen jogging and running at various times during practice. Hedgecock was seen jogging around the edge of the field.

• Some of the coaches got involved with the quarterbacks and running backs during drills with Garrett playing defense and the other coaches blocking for the running backs. Naturally, former QB Lyle Moevao threw a nice block.

• Harlow wore the helmet cam on Day 9.

• A small group of high school students on their spring break from the Bay Area were in attendance.

• Anderson's folks were also at practice again.

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