OSU Spring Ball Day 10: Beavs take off pads

CORVALLIS – The Beavs toned it down a notch for Day 10, with players taking off the pads. In the first set of offense vs. defense skeleton drills, things were relatively even with the offense getting some big catches but the defense also coming up big other times.

Malik Gilmore had a big catch over the middle from Sean Mannion in 7-on-7s.

D.J. Alexander displayed some nice coverage skills in swatting a ball away from Connor Hamlett.

Mannion on the day wasn't quite hitting his targets on the play side, but balls slightly behind his receivers still worked for the most part with the ball at or near the receiver's back shoulder.

Overall the quarterbacks didn't look super sharp with a lot of misthrown balls early, but they got their act together and Mannion in particular had some impressive throws late in practice.

On two separate occasions Mannion hit Victor Bolden in an extremely tight window on the goal line.

Alexander and Johnson were inches away from making a play on both occasions.

Richard Mullaney and Mannion also had a similar connection, with Darrell Songy in coverage.

With no pads the offensive line didn't go full speed against a D-line today, but they looked to have some difficulties picking up the blitz when it was thrown at them during drills.

Receivers were doing a great job of making the catch in tight coverage, especially late in practice.

  • Brandon Arnold was unable to secure a punt, letting it bounce off his hands/chest onto the ground.

  • Kyle Kempt had a rough day taking snaps, botching the it on two separate occasions. I think it was Roman Sapolu at center, but I couldn't tell definitively.

  • Brent Vanderveen and Blair Cavanaugh tried to make a similar connection but Cavanaugh was unable to bring in a rocket.

  • Bolden was doing a nice job of bring both feet down in bounds on sideline throws.

  • Mannion had to throw out of the back of the end zone on multiple occasions because of tight coverage.

  • Caleb Smith let a ball from Mannion on the goal line that led him hit his hands and fall to the ground.

  • Luke Del Rio had a nice connection with Kellen Clute.

  • Larry Scott was participating in practice once again and looked good, but appeared to be easing back in with him and Dashon Hunt splitting time with the ones.

  • Mike Riley had RB Terron Ward throw him a ball early in practice and noted that it wasn't bad but he could use some work on the spiral.

    Running with the 1's
    QB - Sean Mannion
    RB - Terron Ward
    WR - Victor Bolden and Richard Mullaney
    TE – Caleb Smith
    LT – Dustin Stanton
    LG - Sean Harlow
    C – Grant Bays
    RG - Fred Lauina
    RT - Gavin Andrews
    Second TE/Third WR – Connor Hamlett/Malik Gilmore

    CB – Steven Nelson
    CB – Dashon Hunt/Larry Scott
    OLB - Michael Doctor
    MLB - Jabral Johnson
    OLB - D.J. Alexander
    SS - Tyrequek Zimmerman
    FS - Ryan Murphy
    RE - Dylan Wynn
    RDT - Edwin Delva
    LDT - Siale Hautau
    LE - Jaswha James

    • Out of action today were Isaac Seumalo*, Josh Mitchell, A.J. Hedgecock, Storm Woods, Devan Filipe, Charles Okonkwo, and Stevie Coury. *Seumalo was not at practice today.

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