OSU Spring Ball Day 11: Big hits

CORVALLIS – The Beaver defensive line was getting a good push despite experimenting with some different rotations but the biggest hits came from a safety, linebacker and corner. We also delve into the backup QB battle, take a closer look at the running backs and more.

Jalen Grimble, Dylan Wynn, Lavonte Barnett and Jaswha James all had nice days on the d-line.

Ryan Murphy had a huge hit on Ward as he tried to make the edge.

Dashon Hunt had a similar play the next rep on the opposite side of the field, though the hit wasn't quite as big as Murphy's.

Rommel Mageo had a jarring hit on Damien Haskins causing one of their mouth pieces to fly straight up into the air – but Haskins did a nice job staying on his feet.

Meanwhile, running back Chris Brown looked good bouncing his way through the trenches in 11-on-11. He was running with the 2s and against a defense that was mixed and matched, (but pretty safe to say it was against the 2s).

Terron Ward on one play did a nice job jumping and snagging a floating ball at the line of scrimmage. And he turned it into a nice gain.

On the day, Ward was doing a nice job of hitting his holes and making it into the secondary.

Storm Woods remains out of pads and not practicing, but a) he looked like he could make a return soon and b) by the looks of things he can't wait.

At one point, Woods went to grab one of the blocking pads used to simulate getting hit after a catch, but teammates quickly came over and took his place before he could participate. Nice try, though.

Leading to the thought he might returns soon, some things I saw Woods doing around practice: jogging and doing quick feet drills.

At quarterback, Sean Mannion was generally on target today.

One throw that stood out was when Mannion hit Richard Mullaney in traffic.

On the downside, there was an almost nice-looking play to Victor Bolden, where the pass was just a touch long and Bolden was unable to get under it. Mannion also provided some unintentional comedy during drills when he got his feet tangled and fell over trying to get the ball to Ward.

Who is the No. 2 quarterback?
If you had asked me a week ago, I was leaning towards Brent Vanderveen. But more and more, Del Rio has been rising. He looks to be getting the offense down in recent days, and while he doesn't yet have that big-time pocket presence, he's been more accurate than his competition. He also has good mobility.

Luke Del Rio was throwing a little low today but he looked good throwing on the run Wednesday in connecting with Connor Hamlett.

Brent Vanderveen looked a little off all day but also showed some good mobility.

Kyle Kempt and walk on John Carroll made a nice deep connection with two defenders in coverage.

Sean Harlow saw some action at center today with the twos. He sat out a drill while getting some attention from trainers, but it didn't look too serious as he was participating in the next drill with only a minor amount of limping.

• The offensive line again showed an inability to handle the blitz with D.J. Alexander being in the backfield almost instantaneously when his number was called.

• Richard Mullaney got some one-on-one time with Coach Brent Brennan early in practice, working on getting off the line and shedding blockers.

• Brown heard footsteps on a screen pass from Vanderveen and dropped the ball.

Hunter Jarmon was unable to bring in a deep ball from Vanderveen with Zack Robinson in coverage.

• Hamlett had an uncharacteristic day that included a good number of drops, including two from Del Rio late in practice.

• Haskins also dropped a ball thrown his way by Del Rio.

• Mullaney nearly had a drop, but managed to bring in a ball from Vanderveen that was thrown a little low and hard.

Dustin Stanton continued to struggle with the transition to tackle, routinely getting run around on the edge.

• Dylan Wynn had a good day beating both Stanton and Fred Lauina.

• Victor Bolden threw a nice block on the edge which allowed Ward to run through a huge hole.

• Malcolm Marble covered up Walter Jones nicely, deep in the secondary.

Cyril Noland-Lewis did a nice job wrapping up Brown in the open field.

• Ward was spinning around the trenches today, but managed to stay on his feet.

• Mullaney made a nice comeback catch from Mannion and proceeded to turn and run around Hunt.

• Malcolm Marble covered Mullaney well preventing him from bringing in a deep, on-target ball from Mannion.

Steven Nelson had a nice bat away on a deep ball from Del Rio intended for Carroll.

• Walter Jones leaped but was unable to bring in a ball thrown high by Kempt.

• Alexander did a nice job locking down Jones.

Tyrequek Zimmerman took away a completion from Hamlett as they went to the ground.

QB - Sean Mannion
RB - Terron Ward
WR - Victor Bolden and Richard Mullaney
TE – Connor Hamlett and Kellen Clute
LT – Dustin Stanton
LG - Sean Harlow
C – Roman Sapolu
RG Fred Lauina
RT Gavin Andrews

CB – Steven Nelson
CB – Larry Scott
OLB - Michael Doctor
MLB - Jabral Johnson
OLB - D.J. Alexander
SS - Tyrequek Zimmerman
FS - Ryan Murphy
RE - Lavonte Barnett
RDT - Jalen Grimble
LDT – Dylan Wynn
LE - Jaswha James

• Out of action today were Isaac Seumalo, Josh Mitchell, A.J. Hedgecock, Devan Filipe, Storm Woods, Garrett Weinreich, Stevie Coury and Charles Okonkwo.

• Filipe had his right arm in a sling.

• Seumalo was not at practice again.

• In addition to Woods, Coury, and Hedgecock were also jogging around practice.

• Barnett and Wynn were enjoying themselves off the field too, singing and dancing a little hip-hop.

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