OSU Spring Ball Day 12

CORVALLIS – The injury bug bit Richard Mullaney on Friday during 11-on-11 drills and he was later on the sidelines sporting crutches. But Storm Woods was back in pads today, though the OSU coaches were easing him into the scheme of things and he saw limited action. Enjoy the following massive rundown on what went on at Oregon State during drills, skelly, one-on-one's, 11-on-11 and more.

Dustin Stanton, who moved to tackle earlier this spring, was getting some personal attention from Coach Mike Cavanaugh early in practice while working on technique.

• Walk on guard Austin Johnson put in some extra time practicing snapping the ball in shotgun while everyone else waited for special teams to finish up.

• Despite a lack of pads today Caleb Smith still got in for a bit of action when he stepped up to use the blocking pad to try and jar balls loose, the same thing Woods was prevented from doing last practice.

Chris Brown and Brent Vanderveen had a nice hook-up.

Grant Bays started off the day practicing, but was not in pads when the offensive line came back indoors after their brief time outside.

Offense/defense only sets:
• Luke Del Rio took some snaps with the ones early in practice with Storm Woods in at running back instead to Terron Ward.

Bobby Keenan was getting extensive time at left guard with the twos and threes.

Kellen Clute let a ball from Sean Mannion hit him in the hands.

• Ward dropped a well thrown pass from Mannion as well.

Malik Gilmore had a rough day. He nearly dropped a ball from Mannion while streaking across the middle and struggled against the defensive backs in trying maintain his route.

Richard Mullaney (before the injury occurred) let a very well-thrown ball from Mannion hit him in the chest and fall to the ground.

Kendall Hill made an excellent catch from Kyle Kempt over the back of Malcolm Marable who could not have played much better defense.

Walter Jones complete faked out Devin Chappell on one play causing Chappell to lose his footing and leaving Jones wide open.

Naji Patrick had a nice deflection on a pass from Mannion intended for Hunter Jarmon.

• Hill made a nice comeback diving catch with Patrick in tight coverage.

Justin Strong did a nice job batting a ball thrown by Mannion intended for Gilmore.

Dashon Hunt had a nice bat away on another ball from Mannion intended for Gilmore.

John Carroll made a nice jumping catch on a ball thrown by Vanderveen with Marble in tight coverage.

Blair Cavanaugh had a great jumping catch from Vanderveen (twos) where Micah Audiss caught him midair and held him above the ground -- Cavanaugh still made the catch.

Darrell Songy had a nice bat away from Tyler Perry (twos).

Jabral Johnson also had a nice bat away, this time the ball was intended for Hill (twos).

Zack Robinson picked off a Luke Del Rio underthrown deep ball.

One-on-one offense vs defensive line:
• The defensive line definitively won the day.

Will Hopkins received some attention from trainers on his left arm/elbow but it didn't appear serious and he was back practicing again before long.

Jaswha James completely ran around Dustin Stanton on one turn.

Obum Gwacham successfully beat Gavin Andrews with a quick inside move.

• Austin Johnson had a great initial reaction against Ali'I Robins but couldn't finish.

• On his next rep Johnson did better stopping Noke Tago.

• Stanton did much better when facing off against Titus Failauga.

• Bobby Keenan did a great job stopping James.

Baker Pritchard ran around Sam Curtis.

• Robins quickly beat Lauina.

• Obum Gwacham made it around Keenan who was visibly ticked off about it, throwing his armband on the ground.

Steven Nelson had a huge hit on Mullaney sending him flying out of bounds into the audience. Mullaney looked to have injured his ankle on the play, was helped off the field and returned to practice with crutches and ice on his ankle.

• The first 4 snaps or so were full contact with lots of bodies flying around, but shortly after Mullaney's injury the defense went to only partial contact (get to the ball carrier, but don't throw him to the ground).

Dylan Wynn had a nice takedown on Chris Brown bringing him down by the ankles (twos).

• The defense was fired up and showed some nice pursuit and swarming of ball carriers.

• The quarterbacks didn't look super crisp today with a number of misthrown balls, but there were also equal numbers of really well thrown balls.

• Cavanaugh was active today throwing some nice blocks and coming up big with catches.

Cavanaugh took over the 3rd receiver spot with the ones when Mullaney went down (Gilmore slid over).

• Brown did a nice job of slipping through the line before being stopped by the linebackers (twos).

• A play involving Damien Haskins and Mannion worked well but would not have been successful if it was full live action as a defender was in Mannion's face before he even got the ball.

• The defensive line was in the backfield often forcing the quarterbacks to move out of the pocket.

• Kempt showed some nice wheels scrambling.

QB - Sean Mannion
RB - Terron Ward
WR - Victor Bolden
WR - Richard Mullaney, later Malik Gilmore
WR - Malik Gilmore, later Blair Cavanaugh
TE – Tyler Perry
LT – Dustin Stanton
LG – Nolan Hansen
C – Roman Sapolu
RG Fred Lauina
RT Gavin Andrews

CB – Steven Nelson
CB – Dashon Hunt
OLB - Michael Doctor
MLB - Jabral Johnson
OLB - D.J. Alexander
SS - Tyrequek Zimmerman
FS - Ryan Murphy
RE – Jaswha James
RDT – Edwin Delva
LDT – Siale Hautau
LE – Dylan Wynn

Injury Notes:
• Out of action today were Isaac Seumalo, Josh Mitchell, Connor Hamlett, Caleb Smith, Sean Harlow, Hayden Craig, A.J. Hedgecock, Devan Filipe, Garrett Weinreich, Stevie Coury, Charles Okonkwo, Grant Bays (did not finish practice), and Richard Mullaney (did not finish practice).

• Seumalo was not at practice again. • Filipe had his right arm in a sling.

• Harlow had his left ankle wrapped up in a splint.

Additional Practice Notes:
Trevor Romaine was having some fun on the sideline practicing offensive line style blocking briefly with Will Hopkins.

Jabral Johnson was wearing the helmet cam today.

Brandon Cooks was in attendance today.

• A group from South Albany High was also in attendance helping contribute to an unusually large crowd watching practice.

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