OSU Spring Ball Day 13: The big rundown

CORVALLIS -- At what point in spring ball does the o-line become a big concern? Do you never truly get to that point knowing that two starters are sitting the spring out? Or are there viable concerns, even in spring football, about not just the 1s but the depth too? A long look at Day 13 of spring ball at Oregon State follows, including drills, O/D sets, skelly, OL vs. DL, 11-on-11 and more...

Ricky Ortiz dropped a screen pass from Brent Vanderveen.

• Luke Del Rio in play action looked a little weak on a toss to Jaylynn Bailey who had to reach way out in front of him to make the grab. Del Rio continued to practice the turning motion after his rep.

Kyle Kempt was throwing consistently high in drills.

Offense/defense only sets:
Sean Mannion (and the other three quarterbacks to a lesser extent) spent a great deal of time in the pocket today during all the different drills.

• There was no attempt to pick up a coach coming on a delayed blitz on the edge.

Roman Sapolu had a snap fly through Mannion's hands to the ground.

• It was hard to tell, but it seemed both Mannion and Sapolu were equally at fault for the miss snap.

Kellen Clute was having a little trouble with route running leading to some missed connections and throwing off the timing.

• The quarterbacks seemed largely off target today. I wouldn't call it terrible, but they were little more than okay today.

• On one of the first reps Sean Mannion threw to Malik Gilmore expecting him to come back to the ball, but Gilmore didn't turn his head and look for the ball until it was already on the ground.

• On the next rep Mannion was about to throw Gilmore's way before hesitating and going to Tyler Perry with the ball.

• However, Mannion didn't lose much confidence in Gilmore as on the very next rep he hit him deep with Steven Nelson in tight coverage.

• After the play Nelson received some quick minor attention in the form of stretching from trainers because of tightness in his legs.

Offense vs defensive line:
Titus Failauga beat Dustin Stanton.

Dylan Wynn beat Sam Curtis.

• Stanton was also beat by Lavonte Barnett.

Brandon Bennett pushed Austin Johnson way back into the pocket.

• Johnson was struggling a bit with snapping the ball on target.

• On another rep Johnson did a decent job blocking Ali'i Robins.

Edwin Delva easily bullied his way past Sam Curtis.

Nolan Hansen was able to get the better of Jalen Grimble.

Jaswha James beat Will Hopkins.

• Jalen Grimble was getting around Lauina and pushing him back into the pocket.

Bobby Keenan stopped Baker Pritchard in his tracks on back to back reps.

Sean Harlow was doing a nice job on Wynn.

• Wynn beat Keenan by pushing him straight into the quarterback stand-in.

• Coach Seumalo was helping Sapolu by trying to distract him with lightly hitting his helmet as he waited to snap the ball.

Dashon Hunt did a nice job of sticking with Bolden on a fly sweep, bringing him down for a short gain.

• Mannion threw a little behind Ricky Ortiz on a screen and Ortiz was unable to bring in the ball.

Terron Ward was doing a nice job avoiding tacklers.

• Edwin Delva was in Mannion's face a good 2-3 seconds before he released the ball on multiple occasions.

• Will Hopkins was doing a decent job blocking Wynn.

• At one point I watched as Roman Sapolu completely fail to pick up Alexander when he blitzed, what made it worse was that Sapolu didn't block anyone, he just let Alexander run by him.

• The defense continued to get to the quarterback often even causing Mannion to step up into Grimble at one point.

• Just as in the 11-on-9 drills the quarterbacks struggled, throwing out of bounds or into the ground on a regular basis.

• Cyril Noland-Lewis got a little annoyed at Tyler Perry over a stiff arm he threw and let Perry know not to do it again if he didn't want to be thrown to the ground.

• Bolden was unable to bring in an underthrown ball from Mannion with Nelson in coverage.

• The offensive line did a little better during the second set of 11-on-11.

Blair Cavanaugh had a nice catch from Vanderveen with Dashon Hunt in coverage.

David Henry was unable to bring in a low thrown rocket from Del Rio.

• Jason Grimble was plowing through Sapolu.

• Gilmore was unable to secure a ball from Mannion as he went to the ground, partially a result of Nelson getting a hand in to knock the ball way.

• Mannion threw high at the sideline in Hunter Jarmon's direction who depsite and impressive leap was unable to get a hand on the ball.

11-on-9 (no defensive tackles):
Storm Woods showed some nice speed turning the corner.

• The defense refrained from the hard hits to avoid injuries.

• Terron Ward was sniffed out nicely on a sweep.

• Saying the offensive line didn't look very good would be an understatement. Even with no defensive tackles the ends were in the backfield quickly and there seemed to be more instances of defenders stopping short so as not to hit Mannion than there were completions.

• Possible the biggest play of the drill came on a Victor Bolden fly sweep where Tyrequek Zimmerman failed to react properly by coming up to meet Bolden at the line of scrimmage.

• The defense was doing a nice job of pursuing the ball carrier.

Running with the 1's

QB - Sean Mannion
RB - Terron Ward/Storm Woods
WR - Victor Bolden and Malik Gilmore
TE – Tyler Perry and Kellen Clute
LT – Sam Curtius
LG – Sean Harlow
C – Roman Sapolu
RG Nolan Hansen
RT Gavin Andrews

CB – Steven Nelson
CB – Dashon Hunt
OLB - Michael Doctor
MLB - Jabral Johnson
OLB - D.J. Alexander
SS - Tyrequek Zimmerman
FS - Ryan Murphy
RE – Jaswha James
RDT – Edwin Delva
LDT – Siale Hautau
LE – Dylan Wynn

• Out of action today were Isaac Seumalo, Josh Mitchell, Caleb Smith, Hayden Craig, Devan Filipe, Stevie Coury, Charles Okonkwo, Grant Bays, and Richard Mullaney.

• Seumalo was back at practice again with his scooter.

• Smith was seen jogging/running under trainer supervision.

• Mullaney has a sprained right ankle and was at practice in a boot, but without crutches.

Additional practice notes:
Kendall Hill was given some one-on-one time with one of the graduate assistants during warm ups/special teams where they worked on getting off the line quickly and catching.

• At one point in practice Mike Riley asked Storm Woods how the injury was doing and the prognosis was positive.

• Woods also looked to be back in the full swing of things taking reps with the ones again today.

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