OSU Spring Ball Day 14: Run, don't walk

CORVALLIS – We've got the rundown on 11-on-11, Drills, Offense/Defense only sets, 7-on-7, Special Teams and more. And in the last practice before the Beavers' Spring Game, things didn't go altogether smoothly. Indeed, the Oregon State coaches didn't seem overly impressed with the energy level on the last day of spring practice. Put another way ... Run. Don't walk.

The offense was turnover prone. Jalen Grimble grabbed a ball fumbled by Sean Mannion and ran it back to the end zone. If he hadn't, Tyrequek Zimmerman would have.

The OSU coaches at one point scolded some players for walking. Malik Gilmore was among those who came under a little fire, getting pulled from a rep early because of lack of focus. But Gilmore also had his moments in the team session. Here's the rundown:

Victor Bolden was unable to get under a deep ball from Mannion.

• Mannion was a little low on a toss to Terron Ward who still managed to turn the play into a decent gain.

Steven Nelson nearly picked off a deep ball from Mannion with Bolden barely getting a hand in to break it up.

Cyril Noland did a nice job meeting and wrapping up Damien Haskins at the line of scrimmage (twos) .

Zack Robinson picked off Brent Vanderveen and ran it back to the end zone.

• Nelson showed some nice defense getting a hand in on Gilmore to knock away a well thrown ball from Mannion.

Ryan Murphy nearly had an interception on Mannion but, despite diving for it, he was unable to get his hands under the ball before it hit the ground.

• The defensive line continued to impress getting into the backfield quickly and sniffing out screens. On one screen from Mannion to Ward, the D-line walled Ward in allowing Wynn to make the easy tackle for no gain.

Michael Greer didn't exhibit the best tackling technique opting to shove Chris Brown to the ground on a screen rather than wrapping him up.

• The Beavs had the defense off-balance on one particular play that probably should have gone for six but Mannion was unable to capitalize, throwing over the head of Kendall Hill out of bounds.

• Haskins made a nice one handed grab on a high ball thrown by Del Rio.

• The receivers (specifically Gilmore and Bolden) were doing a nice job of shaking their coverage on curl routes.

Michael Doctor did a nice job stuffing Woods on a screen.

Walter Jones showed off some impressive speed and elusiveness cutting across the field after the catch for a big gain.

Tyler Perry threw a nice stiff arm at Devin Chappell.

John Carroll made a nice sideline grab with Chris Hayes in coverage (Kyle Kempt throwing, twos/threes) .

• The quarterbacks struggled with accuracy early, especially when they worked on things outside the pocket. GA Lyle Moevao and offensive coordinator John Garrett showed them how it's done, with both displaying good accuracy in a teaching moment .

• Greer shook himself up a little when he missed landing on the pad while making a diving tackle that sent the pad spinning through the air.

• Lewis was struggling a bit in the reaction drill. His feet were slipping out from under him, partially a result of going the wrong direction for a split second. He was unable to bring in any of the balls thrown his way.

Offense/defense only sets:
• The offense practiced having the running back pick up a blitz with Storm Woods getting the lion's share of reps.

• Del Rio showed that he was still working on getting down the play book 100 percent by throwing to the open field behind a receiver where he expected him to come back.

• Kempt made a nice connection to Carroll in traffic.

• Gilmore couldn't corral a pass from Kempt hit him in the hands.

A.J. Hedgecock played some nice defense on Hill on a deep ball.

Hunter Jarmon had an impressive deep turn around catch in double coverage (Mannion throwing, Noland-Lewis and Malcolm Marble in coverage).

Ricky Ortiz let a rocket from Del Rio bounce off his outstretched hands.

• Nelson did an excellent job shutting down Walter Jones (twos) . Del Rio wanted to throw Jones' way but couldn't because of the coverage.

• The quarterbacks seemed to grow more accurate as the day went on, but there were problems with interceptions throughout practice.

• Nelson intercepted a deep ball that floated on Mannion.

• Gilmore made an impressive snag (thrown by Mannion).

Special Teams:
• Chris Brown was doing a nice job of blocking for Bolden on kick returns.

Keith Kostol looked impressive with punts consistently going over 50 yards.

QB - Sean Mannion
RB - Terron Ward/Storm Woods
WR - Victor Bolden and Malik Gilmore
TE – Tyler Perry and Kellen Clute
LT – Will Hopkins
LG – Sean Harlow
C – Roman Sapolu
RG Fred Lauina
RT Gavin Andrews

CB – Steven Nelson
CB – Dashon Hunt
OLB - Michael Doctor
MLB - Jabral Johnson
OLB - D.J. Alexander
SS - Tyrequek Zimmerman
FS - Ryan Murphy
RE – Jaswha James
RDT – Edwin Delva
LDT – Siale Hautau
LE – Dylan Wynn

• Out of action today were Isaac Seumalo, Josh Mitchell, Hayden Craig, Devan Filipe, Stevie Coury, Charles Okonkwo, Grant Bays, Richard Mullaney, Connor Hamlett and Caleb Smith.

• Caleb Smith started the day in pads, but stopped practicing approximately half way through practice.

• Wynn and Grimble were sporting game day orange helmets today.

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