Spring Showcase: Grading the Beavs on Offense

CORVALLIS - The Beavs didn't hold a "spring game" for their 15th and final spring practice, but they did run a lot of 11-on-11 and work on getting a number of things done. Here's our position grades from Saturday, starting with the Oregon State offense.

Quarterbacks: C
All four quarterbacks (Kyle Kempt didn't play until towards the end of the session) were off target today, especially early and when the weather wasn't cooperating (wind/rain flurries). a great deal of well thrown balls by Sean Mannion, Luke Del Rio and Brent Vanderveen were also dropped today, making the quarterbacks look even worse.

Being forced out of the pocket and throwing with defenders in their face regularly didn't help the situation either. Del Rio tended towards zeroing in on his first option, but other than that the quarterbacks spread the ball around fairly evenly. The few scrambles I saw were not well advised and led to minimal gains -- and they seemed to be throwing the ball away as often as they made a completion.

Running backs: B-minus
The running backs looked fairly good, but would have been aided by a better offensive line performance. They did a good job of sticking with the play, even when it was only for a short gain, and showed an ability to spot holes and quickly slip through them. The running backs as a group also showed a nice ability to shed and bounce off would be tacklers, especially in the secondary.

As with the rest of the offense, their hands were their biggest downfall as they committed too many drops as well. Damien Haskins and Chris Brown also tended to get tripped up/dive forward at the line of scrimmage a bit too much -- in some instances it could have possible to powere ahead for a couple more yards had they stayed on their feet.

That said, the Beavs didn't run as much in the second "half" as they did in the first. Storm Woods and Terron Ward mostly had light workdays. When OSU did run more in the latter half, Haskins in particular had some nice 'plant and go' moves.

Tight ends: B
From my vantage point, the tight ends were one of the brightest spots on the offense. They did a nice job of blocking on the edge - heck they were more successful at blocking than the offensive line in a lot of cases. Holding down their grade is the same thing that plagued the rest of the offense, dropped balls.

There were some decent short throws in the direction of the tight ends and while many were complete there was a notable amount that hit their hands and fell to the ground.

Receivers: C-plus
Dropped balls were the story of the Spring Showcase for the receivers. No one's hands were consistent, but the routes looked decent and even with defenders in their face many of the receivers were still able to at least get a hand on the ball, even if they couldn't always bring it in.

There were also a few great catches over the backs of the corners and along the sidelines, but not enough to make up for all the dropped balls.

Offensive line: D
The patchwork offensive line was run over yet again. They regularly let defenders into the backfield and seemed to only be able to hold their own against the third string defensive line, and even then it was just barely.

Keeping them out of the ‘F' range is that they still managed to open up some holes for the running backs, especially in the second half, but it must also be said that many of those were partially assisted with a nice block from a tight end.

71 plays

Damien Haskins, 2-yard rush

Damien Haskins, 15-66-1; Chris Brown, 6-34; Terron Ward, 3-11; Jaylynn Bailey, 2-3; Kyle Kempt, 1-1; Storm Woods, 2-(-2); Brent VanderVeen, 1-(-2); Sean Mannion, 1-(-5).

PASSING (Att-Comp-Int-Yds-TD)
Luke Del Rio, 17-9-0-80-0; Brent VanderVeen, 7-2-1-32-0; Sean Mannion, 9-5-0-19-0; Kyle Kempt, 6-3-0-6-0.

Hunter Jarmon, 3-41; Connor Hamlett, 3-18; Kellen Clute, 3-16; Walter Jones, 3-9; John Carroll, 2-32; Ricky Ortiz, 1-10; Kendall Hill, 1-7; Tyler Anderson, 1-4; Victor Bolden, 1-3; Terron Ward, 1-(-3).

Obum Gwacham, 1; Rommel Mageo, 1.

Devin Chappell, 1.

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