Spring Showcase: Grading the Beavs on Defense

CORVALLIS – If you're a fan of the black shirts, you were happy with what you saw on Saturday from the Oregon State defense on the 15th and final practice of the spring. Here's our Saturday position grades for the Beaver stop corps.

Defensive line: A
On countless occasions, Beaver d-linemen found themselves having to pull up short in the face of the quarterback – had it been live or even a true spring game, there would have been a whole lot of "sacks" on the day. Jalen Grimble, Obum Gwacham and Dylan Wynn were among those who spent a lot of time in the backfield. Siale Hautau also got in on the fun.

The only time the offensive line seemed to consistently stop the d-ends in particular was when they were double teamed.

The interior remained clogged the entire game, courtesy of Grimble, Hautau and others, forcing running backs to bounce outside if they wanted any hope of gaining yards.

To me, the defensive linemen, up and down the depth chart, were the stars of today's spring showcase and 11-on-11 work, and I can't wait to see them in action again come fall.

Linebackers: B-plus
The linebackers, who went into spring expected to be one of, if not the best unit for the Beavers, failed to overly impress me today. That's not to say they did anything wrong, as you can see from my grade. It's just there was just nothing that screamed to me that this is one of the most veteran units on the team.

They had nice positioning, but too often let receivers make the short catch before coming up to meet them. The linebackers (and the entire defense) also did a nice job of swarming to the ball.

Secondary: A-minus
The Beavers' secondary was very solid during the spring game.

The safeties were making proper reads and coming up to meet ball carriers at or near the line of scrimmage. The corners stuck to their receivers like glue and the only knock on them is the amount of pass interference calls that were made, especially against the younger corners, (though at least some of the calls seemed questionable in the first place.)

While the Beavs didn't have a lot of interceptions show up on the stat sheet, there were countless near interceptions and batted balls for fans of good pass defense to enjoy.

Kickers/Punters: A-minus/B-plus
The field goal kickers looked good today hitting from decent distances even with the occasional wind/rain flurry. Garrett Owens in particular looked solid and kicked a deep ball on kickoffs. Trevor Romaine had the only miss on a kick that went wide right and it actually looked good from the stands. The punters showed good distance and ability to get it near the sideline inside the 20.

Kick Returners: B
A decent job was done returning kicks today with a rotating cast. They broke through for a couple touchdowns, but that was a result of the drill not being full contact and the defense intentionally letting them by to avoid injuries. Brandon Arnold had a notable drop where a punt hit him in the chest. Other than that, nothing spectacular out of this group today, but also nothing of major concern.

71 plays

Obum Gwacham, 1; Rommel Mageo, 1.

Devin Chappell, 1.

Damien Haskins, 2-yard rush

Damien Haskins, 15-66-1; Chris Brown, 6-34; Terron Ward, 3-11; Jaylynn Bailey, 2-3; Kyle Kempt, 1-1; Storm Woods, 2-(-2); Brent VanderVeen, 1-(-2); Sean Mannion, 1-(-5).

PASSING (Att-Comp-Int-Yds-TD)
Luke Del Rio, 17-9-0-80-0; Brent VanderVeen, 7-2-1-32-0; Sean Mannion, 9-5-0-19-0; Kyle Kempt, 6-3-0-6-0.

Hunter Jarmon, 3-41; Connor Hamlett, 3-18; Kellen Clute, 3-16; Walter Jones, 3-9; John Carroll, 2-32; Ricky Ortiz, 1-10; Kendall Hill, 1-7; Tyler Anderson, 1-4; Victor Bolden, 1-3; Terron Ward, 1-(-3).

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