De Carolis transcript on Robinson dismissal

IN A CANDID, compelling opening statement on Monday, Oregon State AD Bob De Carolis said he was wrong in issuing a letter of public support for Craig Robinson six weeks ago. "As you know, I issued a strongly worded letter of support for Coach Robinson that day. Since that time, and after further evaluation, thought and discussion, I decided on Thursday that my initial decision was wrong," he said.

People change their minds as new data comes to the fore and in this case, there were three departures - Eric Moreland, Hallice Cooke and Challe Barton -- from the OSU program after De Carolis issued his letter announcing that he was retaining Craig Robinson.

But De Carolis clearly felt the need to apologize nonetheless.

"If my change in though has caused any unintended harm, my sincerest apologies," he said.

De Carolis said he came to the decision this past Thursday but Robinson wanted to stay on the recruiting trail and did so until Monday. De Carolis told Robinson that he had changed his mind but the two didn't meet face to face until Monday, when De Carolis relieved him of his duties as head coach.

De Carolis declined to specifically detail the factors that went into his decision to fire Robinson after six seasons, and with three years left on his contract, but he did say the recent attrition played a part.

Here is the full text of his opening statement, courtesy of Oregon State SID:

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