Beav WRs corps suddenly more stout?

OREGON STATE IS going to miss Brandin Cooks, no two ways about it. But Oregon State is suddenly in much better shape at wideout than they were a few weeks ago, as Jordan Villamin has reportedly been cleared for takeoff.

Jordan Villamin has been cleared for fall camp and the 2014 season, according to the Portland Tribune who quoted Mike Riley.

The addition is huge, figuratively and literally.

Villamin is 6-4, 245-pounds and a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses.

Sure, he's a redshirt freshman who was held out of practice last season while he cleared academic hurdles. He will be learning on the job. There will be mistakes, there will be the price of youth.

But Villamin has the chance to be special.

Earlier this year, the Portland Tribune reported program insiders having said Villamin is a physical freak of nature and a blue-chip prospect. You just don't usually see 245-pound receivers who can run like Villamin.

If some of that shines through in 2014, it will immediately make like easier on Victor Bolden and Richard Mullaney.

Teams are expected to key on those two. Bolden has the potential to become as good as Cooks, he showed flashes aplenty last year. But it's asking a lot to expect him to be Cooks in just his second year. Mullaney, if he can stay healthy, is a sure-handed chain mover, especially on third down.

If Villamin can burn a defense, that's going to free up Bolden and Mullaney considerably. teams will no longer be able to cheat towards them. And if TE Connor Hamlett gets into the mix like many think he will, Oregon State could suddenly be sending a lot of guys into the pattern, more than a defense can handle.

OSU coaches are now doubtful that JC transfer DT Kyle Peko will be eligible in August, the Tribune reports. Peko was part of the 2013 class but failed to qualify last year. Oregon State had sounded hopeful this spring and offseason but it now appears Peko may not find his way to Corvallis.

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