Riley talks openers, Mannion at P12 Media Day

MIKE RILEY was asked at the Pac-12 media day about Oregon State's troubles in recent years in the season opener.

Mike Riley said OSU worked this offseason to examine the way they do things and how to be better prepared headed into the season. He also said it’s not a bad thing to bring it up to the players as opposed to not mentioning it ever.

He was also asked if the Beavs would try to get back to his blueprint of running the ball.

“I think we have to,” Riley said.

Riley went on to say they need to develop the running game early in the first part of the season and not doing so last year hurt OSU when facing better competition in the latter half.

He was asked if it is difficult to get the 4- and 5-star prospects to Corvallis.

Riley said linemen and corners are tough to land no matter where you’re at.

“Development is a key issue but evaluation is huge,” said Riley.

Riley also said the Beavs have branched out their recruiting to places like Texas and elsewhere.

Asked about who would replace Brandin Cooks, Riley said the tight ends and running backs will need to be more involved in the receiving game. And he didn’t think any one guy would replace that production but rather, a group would be required.

“This thing is going to have to be spread around is all I’m getting to,” said Riley.

Asked if Oregon State’s offense is a similar fit and helps to provide a framework for a QB to transition to NFL teams, Riley said there was some truth to that.

He said Sean Mannion should be in every top QB in the country conversation.

“He’s managed this offseason to take his work ethic to an even high level,” said Riley.

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