OSU DAY 11: Injury bug, LBs draw Riley praise

CORVALLIS - It’s Day 11 here at the Beavers’ fall camp, where receiver Richard Mullaney just can’t seem to shake that injury bug. Meanwhile, linebackers Jabral Johnson and Michael Doctor were particularly impressive in coverage.

During the full team drill, Richard Mullaney and a defender got tangled up and fell to the turf, except Mullaney stayed down. He sat on the field, punched the turf in apparent frustration, and had to be helped off by the training staff, who appeared to be looking at his ankle.

He didn’t try to put much weight on it, and he left the practice field on crutches. It’s been a rough week for Mullaney, who has been battling a strained hip flexor for a few days now. He had just come back from that on Wednesday, and looked really sharp in practice for two days before this injury happened.

It wasn’t all bad news, though. Receiver Rahmel Dockery returned to practice, taking part in some drills and running a few routes. I didn’t watch him a whole lot, but he looked to me like a player who had missed several days of practice.

Today also saw the return of cornerback Dashon Hunt. Like Dockery, Hunt took part in some individual drills but didn’t take reps during the skelly or the full team plays.

Storm Woods, who sat out yesterday, was back in full.

The highlights from today’s practice belonged to the defense, and they happened during the skelly.

With Sean Mannion at the helm, he threw a pass and evidently thought he could throw it over Jabral Johnson’s head.

Johnson thought otherwise. Playing centerfield, he leaped up and swatted the ball down at its apex.

Then immediately following that play, Mannion threw a decently long pass to tight end Connor Hamlett, who appeared to make the catch with linebacker Michael Doctor in coverage.

The two went to the ground, still fighting for possession, and Doctor somehow wrenched the ball from Hamlett to make the interception.

“I love the linebackers everywhere, whatever they’re doing,” said Mike Riley, “They are really an identity feature for this team – that group of linebackers with Jabral, D.J. (Alexander), and Doctor. Then there are some pretty good guys right behind them that are playing pretty well. Caleb Saulo looks like he’s going to be a good player.”

At times in practice, it looked like quarterback Brent Vanderveen had a few reps with the 2’s instead of Luke Del Rio. It may have just been that the quarterbacks got out of order, because Del Rio took was back with the 2’s for all but one small portion of practice.

Vanderveen looked good, though. He was 7-of-10 in the skelly and full team plays, while also scrambling for a touchdown when the offense lined up at the 4 yard-line or so. Each one of his completions was to a different player.

Del Rio was 9-of-12. Tight end Kellen Clute caught three of his passes, receiver Malik Gilmore caught two. Tight end Jacob Wark, running backs Damien Haskins and Storm Woods, and receiver Jordan Villamin all caught one from Del Rio.

Mannion was 15-of-20 with an interception. Before Mullaney got injured, he had caught three passes from Mannion, and he definitely looks like the most polished receiver the Beavers have, although Victor Bolden might have something to say about that when he gets cleared to play again.

In other news, Riley said he had a discussion last night with his coaching staff about which true freshmen they might not redshirt. He said there were four names that came up.

He didn’t name names, but he hasn’t been shy about praising a few players in particular. I think I have a good guess for three of those four freshmen: Xavier Hawkins, Dwayne Williams, and Ryan Nall. I’m not sure on that fourth player… maybe offensive lineman Kammy Delp?

Finally, Riley explained a bit of how tomorrow’s scrimmage will look.

“We’re probably going to run about 50 plays, nobody should get more than 20 or 25, something like that. We’re going to intermix special teams in it, and that’s probably all we’re going to do. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, maybe an hour, a half, something.”

The scrimmage will feature tackling as well as an officiating crew. It will be held in Reser Stadium tomorrow and will start at about 11 a.m.

Running with the 1’s
QB – Sean Mannion
TB – Storm Woods / Terron Ward / Damien Haskins / Chris Brown
FB – Ricky Ortiz
H-Back – Kellen Clute
TE – Connor Hamlett / Caleb Smith
LT – Gavin Andrews
LG – Garrett Weinreich
C – Josh Mitchell
RG – Grant Bays
RT – Dustin Stanton (Bobby Keenan also got reps)
FL –Xavier Hawkins
SE – Richard Mullaney (Jordan Villamin also got reps)
SB – Malik Gilmore (Blair Cavanaugh also got reps)

DE – Dylan Wynn (Obum Gwacham also got reps)
DT – Jalen Grimble
DT – Brandon Bennett-Jackson
DE – Jaswha James (Obum Gwacham also got reps)
WIL –Rommel Mageo
MIK – Jabral Johnson
SAM – Michael Doctor
CB - Larry Scott
CB - Steven Nelson
FS – Tyrequek Zimmerman
SS – Ryan Murphy

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