Day 11 Session No. 2: QBs on the money

CORVALLIS – On Friday night, the Beavers held their fourth of six two-a-days. Oregon State’s quarterbacks highlighted the affair, and no one got hurt. Indeed, the quarterbacks were impressive, with the receivers helping make them look good. In 49 throws with the team still in shells, the quarterbacks completed 41 of them.

Sean Mannion was 20-of-23, and at one point completed 13 passes in a row, all of which came during the skelly drill. He did, however, throw an interception. Intended for Xavier Hawkins, the ball bounced off Hawkins’ hand and into Michael Doctor’s.

Mannion’s best throw came during the full team drill. He spotted Malik Gilmore downfield and rifled a pass through a tight window. Gilmore made the catch after the ball whizzed by two different defenders.

On the following play, Jordan Villamin got loose and Mannion delivered the ball to him in stride. Larry Scott was in coverage.

Scott had a bit of a rough go of it tonight. In a later play, Scott was lined up against Hawkins, and Hawkins found himself wide open to receive the pass.

Then, on the next play, Mannion tested Scott again. He tried to make a play on the ball, but got there late and Hawkins was able to make the catch. Scott was then out of position to make the tackle, leaving Hawkins with an open path to the end zone.

Brent Vanderveen was 13-of-16, and he took reps with the 2’s ahead of Luke Del Rio during the full team drill. Vanderveen was with the 3’s in the skelly.

Del Rio was 8-of-11, including one drop by Kendall Hill. It was a deep pass, and Del Rio threw it where it needed to be thrown, but Hill couldn’t come down with it.

Conversely, Blair Cavanaugh looks like he’s one of the team’s more sure-handed receivers.

In a play that was pretty similar to Gilmore’s, the ball may have even been tipped by a defender, but Cavanaugh was still able to make the catch.

Richard Mullaney, who was injured earlier today, was still on crutches tonight. However, he was able to put quite a bit of his body weight onto the injured ankle/foot, using his crutches as more of a cane rather than relying on them as his only means of ambulation.

Dashon Hunt returned to practice earlier today, and he was practicing with the 2’s tonight.

Running with the 1’s
QB – Sean Mannion
TB – Storm Woods / Terron Ward / Damien Haskins / Chris Brown
FB – Ricky Ortiz
H-Back – Kellen Clute
TE – Connor Hamlett / Caleb Smith
LT – Gavin Andrews
LG – Garrett Weinreich
C – Josh Mitchell
RG – Grant Bays
RT – Dustin Stanton
FL –Xavier Hawkins
SE – Jordan Villamin (Kendall Hill also got reps)
SB – Malik Gilmore (Blair Cavanaugh also got reps)

DE – Dylan Wynn (Obum Gwacham also got reps)
DT – Jalen Grimble
DT – Brandon Bennett-Jackson
DE – Jaswha James (Obum Gwacham also got reps)
WIL –Rommel Mageo
MIK – Jabral Johnson
SAM – Michael Doctor
CB - Larry Scott
CB - Steven Nelson
FS – Tyrequek Zimmerman
SS – Ryan Murphy

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