Why Beavs made right choice on Ohio State

I JUST DON’T like single-play, away non-conference games. Like most, I want the home-and-home deals. But the Ohio State game that the Beavs will travel for in 2018, that is the exception and I'm all for it. Here’s why ...

It’s too much money to turn down. It’s money that can make a difference.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells BF.C that Oregon State will collect a cool $1.7 million for playing Ohio State in their house.

That’s one helluva lot of cabbage.

How much? Well…

Consider that in 2007 Appalachian State received $400,000 for traveling to Michigan. This season, the Mountaineers will return to Ann Arbor as an FBS school and will be paid about $1 million.

Nebraska in 2012 paid Arkansas State $1 million for coming to their house -- the highest amount ever guaranteed to an opponent for a game in Lincoln at the time.

OSU will be getting considerably more than both of them for traveling to Ohio State.

The payout is more than the Las Vegas Bowl ($1.1 M), Hawaii Bowl ($650,000) and not far off the Holiday Bowl (2.075 M). Indeed, there were only 12 bowls (excluding the BCS) that have higher payouts than OSU will be getting. And…

Bowl payouts, save for the BCS games, generally amount to little after expenses are taken out – plus they’re shared with the Pac-12 conference schools as a whole.

Oregon State, instead, keeps all $1.7 million for the trip. It’s like an extra bowl game, and then some.

Sure, it would be great to see Ohio State come to Corvallis. But for a single-game series at that price? OSU made the right decision.

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