OSU Fall Camp Day 15: The final two-a-day

CORVALLIS – Tonight was the Beavers’ final two-a-day practice of fall camp, and the focus was almost entirely on personnel and substitution changes, getting plays in correctly -- and doing it all in time with the play clock.

The team was in shells and the plays during the skelly and full team drills were mere walkthroughs in a practice that had a different look than any other day in camp.

After getting warmed up, the Beavers took their place on the sidelines so they could call plays in as they would during a live game, which they’ll be doing 10 days from now.

When this morning’s scheduled scrimmage was cancelled in favor of a more traditional practice, the Beavers missed out on a chance to make substitutions or call audibles in a game type situation.

Tonight’s practice made up for that.

There isn’t a whole lot to talk about in terms of individual performances because the plays were less than full speed. However, there was one situation that was close to it.

The Beavers ran through a two-minute drill where both the yardage gained and the time remaining were scripted. By the end of the drill, the Beavers had gotten down to the 35-yardline and had to rush in the field goal unit as quickly as possible to attempt a 42-yarder to “win” the game.

Kicker Trevor Romaine was not present once again, and Ian Crist got the honors of attempting the game winning field goal.

With special teams coach Bruce Read counting down from 10 seconds, the Beavers got the snap off and …

Crist split the uprights.

Offensive lineman Gavin Andrews went so far as to lift his kicker up in celebration of having just won the game.

Also of note, receiver Hunter Jarmon made an impressive reception where he snagged a bullet of a pass out of the air. Granted, there were no defenders in the area, but the catch was impressive nonetheless.

Running with the 1’s
QB – Sean Mannion
TB – Storm Woods / Chris Brown / Damien Haskins
FB – Ricky Ortiz
H-Back – Kellen Clute
TE – Connor Hamlett / Caleb Smith
LT – Gavin Andrews
LG – Garrett Weinreich
C – Josh Mitchell
RG – Nolan Hansen
RT – Sean Harlow
FL –Victor Bolden (Xavier Hawkins also got reps)
SE – Richard Mullaney (Jordan Villamin also got reps)
SB – Malik Gilmore (Hunter Jarmon also got reps)

DE – Dylan Wynn
DT – Jalen Grimble (Brandon Bennett also got reps)
DT – Siale Hautau (Bud Delva also got reps)
DE – Lavonte Barnett
WIL –Rommel Mageo
MIK – Jabral Johnson
SAM – Michael Doctor (Kyle Haley also got reps)
CB - Larry Scott
CB - Steven Nelson
FS – Tyrequek Zimmerman
SS – Ryan Murphy

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