Beavs pull away to top Portland State

WHATEVER MIKE RILEY said at halftime, he should bottle it and break it out as needed this year. After Oregon State trailed 14-13 at the break, OSU scored 20 unanswered in the third quarter. But while the Beavers won 29-14, it was a sloppy effort at times and OSU has a whole lot to work on.

First though, the good.

Oregon State stuck with the run and gained good yardage. Unofficially the Beavs rushed 37 times for 177 yards.

And what's this? A Beav running back over the century mark? Yes indeed, Storm Woods needed only 16 carries to gain 126 hashes.

Sean Mannion was a solid 26-for-45 for 328 yards with 1 TD. He also ran for a first quarter TD, the Beavs first touchdown.

Victor Bolden and Rahmel Dockery had good, error-free days in the return game.

But OSU's defense played soft in the first half - particularly the front seven.

They didn't give up a huge amount of yards but they allowed PSU to run and to move the chains -- and they again struggled against a running quarterback.

OSU was solid throughout the game, though, on third downs, shutting down PSU to force a punt on nine-of-nine third down plays. And the Beaver D came back strong overall in the second half, shutting out PSU on the scoreboard over the final 30 minutes.

But Oregon State racked up an ungodly amount of penalties in the first half, finishing with 13-for-119 yards.

OSU's offense was stopped multiple times in the red zone, having to settle for field goals. Garrett Owens attempted seven, count 'em, seven field goals, making five of them (25, 25, 26, 31, 23).

Oregon State was a woeful 3-of-14 on third down.

The third quarter turning points came courtesy of Tyrequek Zimmerman, who picked off two passes to set OSU up to score.

The Beavs had five takeaways in the game, though it should be pointed out two were absolute gift fumbles that were unforced.

Still, a win is a win, and OSU took care of business by the time the clock hit zeros.

That said, there will be a whole lot to talk about this coming week before Oregon State takes on Hawaii in Week 2.

We'll be back with more a little later on...

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