BF.C Two Minute Drill: Oh those yellow flags!

CORVALLIS – It sure didn’t feel that way at the end of the first half but the day would ultimately belong to the Beaver D. But Oregon State on the whole also seemed determined to open a One Hour Martinizing franchise on the Reser Stadium turf, such were the number of yellow flags they drew in the win over Portland State.

Turning Points
With about 5:30 remaining in the 3rd quarter, PSU running back Shaq Richards ran into quarterback Kieran McDonagh and the ball popped loose. Oregon State linebacker Michael Doctor picked it up at the PSU 23-yard line, and when the Beavers took the field, it took them one play for Sean Mannion to find a wide open Storm Woods who ran the rest of the way for the touchdown.

The touchdown made the game 23-14.

When the Vikings returned to the field, McDonagh was intercepted by Tyrequek Zimmerman (pictured above) that led to a 31-yard field goal.

In less than two minutes of game time, the Beavers scored 10 points and took a 26-14 lead.

The Beavers committed 10 penalties in the first half alone, and it felt like 100. On the drive where the Vikings scored their second touchdown, the Beavers gifted Portland State 53 yards in yellow flag yardage.

A roughing the passer, a late hit, a horse collar tackle, and a defensive holding penalty made the 73-yard touchdown drive possible.

In all, the Beavers committed 13 penalties for 119 yards.

In comparison, the Vikings only had three penalties for 30 yards.

In the red zone, Beavs were abysmal
There were at least five drives where the Beavers were inside the PSU 10-yard line.

They were stalled four out of five times, only coming away with one TD and 19 points out of a possible 35.

Special Teams
The Beavers set a school record for field goal attempts in a game with seven. Garrett Owens made five of them, missing from 50 and 25. He was good from 25, 25, 26, 31, and 23 yards.

Keith Kostol kicked a punt that bounced from the 10 yard-line into the waiting arms of Cyril Noland-Lewis at the 1. It was all for naught though, as the Beavers committed a personal foul on the first play of the drive that let a safety opportunity slip away.

If you take away Penn’s long runs of 58 and 35, the Vikings had only 128 yards of offense on 51 plays.

The Beaver D also forced five turnovers, although “forced” is being charitable on two of them when PSU simply fumbled the ball without any contact from the Beavers.

Mobile Quarterbacks
As has been the Beavers’ bane in recent years, Portland State’s athletic quarterbacks gave OSU problems.

Indeed, Vikings quarterback Paris Penn had a 58-yard touchdown run, and he had another run for 35 yards.

Sean Mannion also got into the action. Entering the game with -498 career rushing yards, he rattled off a 5-yard touchdown run, which is his second career rushing touchdown, and first since 2011.

Crucial plays
Two of these were caused by defensive end Dylan Wynn.

The Vikings had the ball and were facing a 3rd and 5 on their own 32. Kieran McDonagh threw a pass that flew over the head of Thomas Carter and should have ended the drive. However, Wynn took two full steps in hitting him after the pass and gave the Vikings a free first down.

The Vikings wound up scoring a touchdown to put them ahead 14-13.

On the Vikings’ next drive, Penn drove the ball down to the Oregon State 22-yard line. When he tried a designed quarterback draw, Wynn sniffed it out and made the tackle for a six yard loss.

The defense held for two more plays and PSU kicker Jonathan Gonzalez missed a 42-yarder.

Questionable calls
There were head scratchers throughout the game, some going OSU’s way, some to PSU’s benefit.

On the Beavers touchdown drive that ended in a Mannion rushing touchdown, it was set up by a 35 yard “completion” to Victor Bolden.

On replay, it was pretty evident that the ball hit the ground and wasn’t a catch at all. The Beavers called a play quick enough that it wasn’t reviewed.

On another play, Mannion threw a deep ball to Victor Bolden and the OSU receiver was pushed, pulled and eventually yanked down before the ball arrived. The official may have been screened but another official or two should have been in position to see the obvious foul.

Later, on a Portland State punt, returner Rahmel Dockery (or possibly Bolden) called for a fair catch and was still hit by a Portland State player. The hit should have warranted a fair catch interference penalty, but for some reason the ref didn’t throw a flag.

The offense was still productive without Brandin Cooks, although they left a whole lot of points on the field after missing so many opportunities to punch it in.

Sean Mannion had a solid, almost mistake-free game with no interceptions, and they were just good enough to distance themselves from Portland State after a disappointing first half.

In all, though, it was a day for the defense, such was their play in the second half that more than counterbalanced some wan production in the first.

Indeed, they produced five takeaways and held last year’s FCS third-most prolific offense in terms of yardage per game (540.3) to just 215 yards.

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