Beavs enter bye week with full agenda

IT’S AN EARLY BYE to be sure for Oregon State, but it also comes at a good time in the sense Mike Riley now knows that much more what the Beavers need to work on after two games.

Mike Riley has a checklist of everything he wants to accomplish, big and small, over the bye week. There are obvious things, such as the play and loss of focus in the second half that allowed Hawaii to make a comeback, as well as simply the “silent count stuff” the Beavs will need to employ this season.

Offensively, Riley said the Beavers didn’t have an identity in Week 1, but moves a little towards that in Week 2. Defensively, there were those fourth quarter lapses but “we’re working towards a better picture” on that.

Then Beavs are off today, and will practice tomorrow.

Riley said there was a lot of good football played by the Beavs in Hawaii, but the lost focus that allowed Hawaii to climb back in it shows there are lots and lots of things to work on.

“We melted down in some areas in the fourth quarter,” said Riley.

Riley said Isaac Seumalo remains wait and see at this point. It’s likely he’ll remain that way at least until a week from now when OSU begins their preparations for San Diego State in earnest.

Riley said D.J. Alexander had a sprained ankle and Jabral Johnson had an arm injury. That might affect their participation in Tuesday’s practice but Riley thought both should be fine for when the Beavs next play after the bye week.

DE Lavonte Barnett and DT Jalen Grimble were starters against Hawaii, with Barnett especially getting it based on his performance in the week before and in the practice week, said Riley.

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