Charting Beavs' explosion plays

THE HOT TREND THESE days, with college football teams scoring more and more and posting ever-more ridiculous numbers of snaps, is all about the explosion plays – racking them up on offense and limiting them on defense. Oregon State’s numbers through four games here are very interesting.

And, in looking forward to the rest of the Oregon State season, potentially a little scary.

Oregon State is the very definition of slow and steady on offense. And there are some definite plusses to that.

But you also (almost always) need to be explosive in today’s climate, and the Beaver offense ranks 98th in the FBS out of 128 teams in explosive plays on offense that have gone 10-plus yards.

They’re t-54th in 20-plus yard explosion plays from scrimmage. And t-62nd in explosion plays of 30-plus yards.

OSU on offense is tied for 76th in 40-plus yard plays and t-94th in 50-plus yard explosion plays.

The Beavs better hope that slow and steady wins the race in 2014, because explosive so far, they are not.

Defensively, Oregon State ranks No. 13 nationally in allowing explosion plays that have gone 10-plus yards, and t-12th in allowing 20-plus yard explosion plays.

Nothing wrong with that!

But they’re No. 30 in 30-plus yards; t-34th in 40-plus gainers; close to 50th in allowing 50-plus yard plays from scrimmage.

And that’s giving up a few too many long balls if you want to contend for a Pac-12 title or big time bowl game – especially if defense is the strength of your team or your offense isn’t all that explosive themselves.

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