Sneak peak at OSU's new D under Gary Andersen

NEW BEAV COACH Gary Andersen is an ol’ defensive guy - his Wisconsin team this past season ranks No. 4 in the nation in total defense allowing a paltry 283.2 yards of total offense per game. Even with the blowout loss in the Big 10 title game, Wisconsin still ranks No. 20 nationally in scoring D at 20.0 ppg. So what kind of defense will he be bringing to Oregon State? We have some thoughts …

Sure, there hasn’t been any official word yet on which of Gary Andersen’s assistant coaches he’ll bring with him to Oregon State, nor do we know if Wisconsin DC Dave Aranda will be one of them.

But we don’t really have to know that to form an educated opinion on what the new Oregon State defense will look like.

Regardless of who the d-coordinator is, it’s a given the defensive scheme and philosophy will mirror that of Andersen’s, just as it did at Wisconsin the past two seasons and at Utah State before that.

By the way, in Andersen's first season at Wisconsin, the Badgers' D ranked highly nationally in scoring defense (6th), total defense (7th), rushing defense (5th) and passing defense (17th). Before the blowout loss in the Big 10 title game this season, the Badgers ranked No. 6 in scoring defense.

It would take hours and break the internet to fully cover but in the most basic of terms, Andersen, in his many years of coaching on the defensive side of the ball, likes a hybrid zone coverage scheme.

It allows you to adjust your formation without changing personnel or assignments.

One of the beauty aspects of it is when executed properly, it allows you to get an unblocked player through – on either side of the ball – and still be sound in perimeter coverage.

And the coverage concepts are really what separates this scheme from others, particularly in defending the spread offenses of today.

It is a very forgiving system that allows you to get to multiple looks with “lesser” personnel. And with “greater” personnel, it can really perform in an impressive fashion.

With the Beavs losing so many starters on defense to graduation, it’s going to be fascinating seeing how Andersen puts his first Beaver D together this coming season.

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