Andersen's lengthy, lucrative deal in context

GARY ANDERSEN will inherit a Beaver squad in 2015 that must replace not only its starting quarterback, but the majority of its defensive starters. But expectations in Year One will still be high, if for no other reason that Andersen receive almost $1 million more in his first season salary than Mike Riley did last year.

The contract between Gary Andersen and Oregon State is for six years -- lengthier than most head coaches in college football.

With a base salary of $2.45 million in his first year, Andersen becomes the fifth-highest paid coach in the Pac-12 based on figures reported in USA Today. Andersen's salary will increase $100,000 each year per terms in the contract.

Andersen's base salary at Wisconsin, upon signing a new agreement in March, was $2.285 million in 2014.

Andersen at Oregon State will further receive bonuses for winning 8, 8 or 10 games in a season, the Civil War, reaching the Pac-12 title game, reaching a New Year's Day bowl game and for reaching the four-team College Football Playoff, though terms for each were not disclosed.

Mike Riley's contract called for $1.5 million in 2014.

Unlike Riley's contract, there is no one-year rollover clause for going to a bowl game in Andersen's deal. Riley's contract, as a result of bowl appearances, grew to until it ran through 2021 -- before he left for Nebraska.

As part of Andersen's Wisconsin contract, a $3 million buyout is due for leaving his position at Wisconsin within the first two years of his employment. It has been speculated in various media reports Oregon State, as is often customary in these situations. will pick up the tab.

In order to pay for Andersen's contract, Oregon State AD Bob De Carolis said an "investment fee" could be added to ticket prices.

Wisconsin has spent $92 million on its athletics annually for the past five years. Oregon State's budget in 2012-13, the most recent year instantly available, was $64.2 million.

IT TURNS out there was a face-to-face meeting before the hire, although it didn't take place in Corvallis.

De Carolis went through Andersen’s agent to set up a meeting on Tuesday of this past week - he and deputy athletic director Mark Massari flew to Rockford, Illinois, about 75 miles south of Madison, to meet with Andersen, according to the Mail Tribune. An agreement was quickly hammered out.

IN OTHER NEWS, the dominoes can be hard to keep track of when it comes to the coaching staff Andersen will put together at OSU.

Andersen said he hoped to have a good number of assistants announced in the first part of this coming week. But there are other factors in play that could impact those announcements, particularly with respect to the d-coordinator hire.

Wisconsin at the earliest is not expected to -- officially -- make a new hire until Wednesday. Media reports indicate Paul Chryst will be named the new coach but d-coordinator Dave Aranda is "interested in staying at UW," according to a report in SB Nation, presumably as DC under the new coach.

Aranda has been speculated upon in various media reports as likely to join Andersen in Corvallis as the new defensive coordinator at Oregon State.

That said, Andersen's defense, regardless of DC, is expected to be a hybrid zone coverage scheme, with the ability to switch on the fly to various formations. See the article linked below for more.

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