A flurry of OSU recruiting activity on tap

THE RECRUITING DEAD PERIOD finally comes to an end on Thursday, with Oregon State coaches able to make in-home visits and host prospects on official visits. For the vast majority of Gary Andersen’s staff, this will be the first time they can get out on the road since in-person contact shut down back mid-December. And that virtually guarantees a flurry of OSU recruiting activity is about to begin.

Oregon State has a lot of work to do and a short time to do it – they have 11 known commitments, with one already enrolled in QB Seth Collins.

But it’s also important to note the low number is at least in part by design. New coach Gary Andersen could have kept some of Mike Riley’s former commitments but because they didn’t fit what Andersen will be doing at OSU, he essentially turned them loose. Some others whom Andersen probably would have wanted to keep decided to flip their verbals on their own.

And these final 22 days will also be about Andersen and OSU looking to flip some new pledges of their own.

The in-homes will be big, as will the official visit weekends, to that end. Andersen has said he’ll put the staff he’s assembled up against anybody’s in the country. That’s good because OSU has a large obstacle in terms of the 2015 class -- and that’s simply not enough time.

The vast majority of the prospects Andersen and crew are targeting have long since verballed elsewhere – it’s the nature of the beast anytime there is a new coaching change in December. Put another way, Andersen has a matter of weeks to finalize and put together his class -- and the pool is very, very small.

That said, if this staff will indeed become known as a top flight recruiting staff starting with the 2016 group, we’ll at least still see some evidence of that over the next 22 days in the 2015 haul.

What’s going to be really interesting is how many in-homes and official visits are to come from Wisconsin’s verbals.

Andersen said he told Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez that if he felt the recruit pledged Wisconsin because of a deep-seated tie to the school, he wouldn’t go after them. He said if it was more a relationship-based commit to the coaches, then Andersen was going to recruit that player and try to get him to come to Oregon State. For the most part, the vast majority of verbal commitments are members of the latter group.

That doesn’t mean Andersen is going to flip a bunch of Wisconsin pledges, for the reasons listed above. But if gets one or two, that’s going to be noteworthy. And it all starts with the in-homes and official visits, when the staff can sit down face to face in living rooms and on campus with them. But OSU has to get into the living rooms and get the prospects to agree to come out for a visit to Corvallis for that to happen.

Buckle up BeavFans. It's about get wild.

Jan. 14: Last day of current dead period (no in-person contact allowed on- or off-campus)

Jan. 15-31: Contact period (in-person contact allowed on in-home visits; schools allowed to host prospects on official visits)

Feb. 1: Quiet period (no off-campus contact allowed)

Feb. 2-5: Dead period (no in-person contact allowed on- or off-campus)

Feb. 4: National Signing Day

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