OSU Recruiting Notebook: How many on LOI Day?

SINCE RECRUITING OPENED back up on Jan. 15, one thing has become increasingly clear in looking at who the Beavs are targeting and the players that make up the class …

It doesn’t look like the Beavs will take a full boat of 25.

And some in the signing class, like new verbal Lopini Katoa who will take a 2-year Mormon mission after graduating from high school, won’t arrive in Corvallis this summer so the effective number will be even less than the number that sign.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, I would argue it’s a very good thing for Oregon State in this instance.

Gary Andersen came on board Dec. 10 and over the next couple weeks, he let a number of Mike Riley’s pledges go. He’s filling back up with guys that fit his schemes on offense and defense –and— are still available. And there just isn’t a good-sized pool when a new coach comes on in December.

All indications are he’s not going to fill all the way back up, not unless he has the mother of all closing runs where he flips a bunch of guys pledged to other Power 5 schools to Oregon State -- that would be asking a lot.

If OSU puts less than 25 initial counters on scholarship this year, that means they would have the ability if they so choose to count mid-year arrivals in the 2016 class back towards the 2015 numbers, up to the 25. A mid-year is traditionally a junior college player but the trend in recent years has seen more and more prep players graduating early as well.

So for example, let’s say the Beavs bring on 21 initial counters this year. They could count four mid-years back towards the 2015 class and take 25 more counted towards the 2016 class. (Initial counters meaning players initially placed on scholie for the first time. Walk ons in the program for more than two seasons placed on scholie only count against the 85-limit, walk ons two years or less in the program put on scholie count against both the 25- and 85-man limits.)

And the 2016 class will be when Andersen and his staff have a full year to recruit that group – they’ll be starting on equal footing recruiting to OSU for the first time, in a way they aren’t this year.

From this chair, Oregon State is probably going to be in the low 20’s when it’s all said and done this year rather than at the 25 max. And that makes a lot of sense in the big picture.

This all presupposes Andersen won’t have a significant number of flips in the last 10 days. If guys like LB Christian Folau and DT Elu Aydon and/or others of that caliber decide they want to come, you take ‘em.

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