Oregon State Spring Ball Day 2

CORVALLIS – Oregon State began their second day of spring training looking to adjust to the brisk practice style of Gary Anderson.

Each player group, the offense, defense, and quarterbacks were again broken up into subsections to focus on drills.

The quarterbacks threw balls to assistant coaches and into a designated net. The player that showed the most consistency, ball control, and passing strength was freshmen quarterback Seth Collins.

Sophomore quarterback Kyle Kempt seemed to struggle with the passing objectives, with his passes continually flying high.

The defensive ends worked off to the side of the field focusing on footwork drills and body positioning, where they practiced blocking each other.

Titus Failauga and Baker Pritchard stood out most to me as they blocked and ran through drills, quickly and energetically.

The linebackers and running backs worked together on blocking techniques.

Linebackers utilized their bodies, with hands held behind their backs, to stop or slow down the running backs from getting past them in the drill.

Marcus Greaves displayed excellent speed during the drill and continued to out run and get past the defense as he practiced.

The Beavs on the second day of spring drills were still helmets-only as per NCAA rules but the coaches also ran an 11 on 11 drill -- all players looked motivated and strong.

Wide receiver Rahmel Dockery made some great catches from sophomore quarterback Luke Del Rio.

Fellow wideout Jarmon Hunter displayed great speed when receiving a long throw from Del Rio as well.

Kempt struggled in the “scrimmage” portion to get rid of the ball in a timely manner. He seemed apprehensive when the ball was in his hands and the play had begun. Freshman quarterback Marcus McMaryion also had a rough day accuracy-wise during the drill to the corners of the empty field.

Defensive Ends Lavonte Barnett and Failauga demonstrated good speed and agility during a drill focused around speed of the offense and defensive players.

Junior wide receiver Victor Bolden had a good session. His running skills were apparent as he was agile and quick, dodging defenders and speeding down the field to receive a pass from Del Rio.

That was the play of the day. As the ball soared toward him, Bolden jumped up and caught it in traffic, unfazed by the opposing players surrounding him. His teammates on the sidelines cheer and hollered after the catch, waiting their turns to have an opportunity to get in on the action.

Throughout the practice, Anderson watched diligently and occasionally took players aside for personal conversations regarding what he had seen from them during the drills.

The practice concluded early, as players had worked so hard during the practice, they had gotten through all the sets quickly and efficiently.

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