Oregon State Spring Ball Day 3: Pads go on

CORVALLIS -- Oregon State’s football team had its first Saturday practice - third overall this spring- in Reser Stadium. Fans gathered to watch Gary Anderson lead the players through drills and give performance feedback. The Beavs had a strong practice and seemed to have a contagious energy about them on a day where pads were added to the mix for the first time in spring drills.

The practice included many similar drills as the first two days. While many players excelled from the previous practice experience, a few others seemed to fall short. In particular, freshman quarterback Seth Collins.

During a quarterback-focused drill in which players threw balls to an unmoving net, Collins’ failed to aim near the net and continued to throw passes too low bouncing off the ground near the coaching staff’s feet.

As for drills, Anderson broke the team up into five groups, two of which were practicing seven-on-seven.

Quarterback Luke Del Rio made some great throws during the seven-on-seven, while wide receivers Xavier Hawkins and Gabe Ovgard demonstrated quality catching skills and speed.

During the same drill quarterback Brent Vanderveen made a pass that was impossibly too far for any receiver to catch.

On the sideline working on catching, ball control, and grip strength with the use of a leverage chute were running backs Chris Brown, Damien Haskins, Storm Woods, Marcus Greaves, Jaylynn Bailey, Shane Wallen, and Anthony Battaro.

During a drill of quarterback passing to wide receivers, Datrin Guyton made some excellent catches.

Rommel Mageo showed strength, speed, and power while successfully executing a drill that involved contact with other offensive and defensive players. Wideout Rahmel Dockery demonstrated agility during the drill by faking out an opposing player.

Defensive end and defensive tackles focused on foot movement and dodging dummies while the rest of the players began working seven-on-seven. During this drill, Vanderveen had some great tosses, with one becoming a great reception by Guyton. There were also five referees present to assist in making calls during plays.

After a few times through the drills, all players stopped working to watch as Garett Owens kicked a successful field goal and was congratulated afterwards.

After the practice ended, Cyril Noland-Lewis said practicing at Reser Stadium was different than the normal practices on the Prothro practice field.

“Being at the stadium, it has a game like atmosphere… it is more high intensity,” he said.

Defensive coordinator Kalani Sitake was content with the effort put forth by the defensive players.

“Overall, as a defensive group we are further ahead in technique than I initially thought we would be,” said Sitake.

He attributed the successful practice to the other defensive staff’s hard work and the players’ “care factor” for wanting to work hard and improve.

Gary Anderson was exceptionally excited about the work the defense displayed during the practice.

“It was an interesting day, defense was way ahead of the offense.”

He also talked about the team as a whole saying, “We still have a long way to go and we had some bright spots today.”

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