Oregon State Spring Ball Day 4: Three QBs

CORVALLIS – Oregon State began dead week with an early morning practice in the Merritt Truax indoor Center early Tuesday morning. As the team practiced inside, the dark morning freezing breeze blew in from the open doors. Gary Andersen also moved up the timetable on establishing the pecking order on quarterbacks this spring.

As the Oregonian reported, the quarterback competition this spring on Tuesday saw three QBs move to the top of the depth chart. The plan was originally to wait until after this week but the trio of Beaver signal callers who will get the lion’s share of the reps moving forward in spring drills are: Seth Collins, Luke Del Rio and Nick Mitchell.

As expected, the team broke into smaller separate groups to work on techniques and necessary skills.

Of the small groups, there were three, two of which were practicing the same drill. The groups doing the same drill, linebackers and tight ends, focused on blocking technique.

Standouts here were tight ends Ricky Ortiz and Caleb Smith as well as linebackers Caleb Saulo and Manase Hungalu. Another group near the far side of the field were working on tackle techniques as they pushed over dummies.

The whole team then moved into four different groups where quarterbacks threw to coaches then worked on quick feet and throwing to various spots.

The offense and defense then worked together on running with the ball after the catch, and blocking, in two small groups.

Throughout the drill, wide receiver Victor Bolden continued to demonstrate his considerable speed and agility as he dodged defensive players running the ball through tiny holes between them.

Cornerback Dwayne Williams had a great run as well and wide receiver Rahmel Dockery also knocked off a nice gainer.

Offensive coordinator Dave Baldwin and defensive coordinator Kalani Sitake where both very verbal as they supported and critiqued players throughout the practice.

Next the whole team gathered to break up into five on five. One of the highlights during the drill was when running back Damien Haskins showcased his speed and dexterity on a hand-off from quarterback Del Rio. Haskins is a brick at 5-9, 224 but he has the moves and quicks of a smaller back.

Wide receiver Jordan Villamin was a continual standout during this drill, especially when he snared a pass from quarterback Mitchell.

Amidst the drills, one player, senior cornerback Naji Patrick, seemed to have injured his right ankle and took time out to get some ice on it.

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