Oregon State Spring Ball Day 5

CORVALLIS -- Oregon State practiced in shorts and helmets on Thursday amidst the stress of dead week for students and athletes alike. And whether it was upcoming finals week and/or other factors, the Beavs seemed sluggish and slow at times.

Gary Andersen has narrowed down the quarterbacks to three: Luke Del Rio, Nick Mitchell, and Seth Collins. So how did they do Thursday?

The quarterbacks and offensive players first worked on passing and catching. Del Rio led the pack from my chair, as he made many successful passes to running back Chris Brown and wideout Victor Bolden.

Yet, he was unable to make consistent passes to wide receiver Xavier Hawkins in throwing the ball too low.

Nick Mitchell made solid passes to running back Storm Wood throughout one drill.

Woods, by the way, had a very good practice - he was fast and agile.

Tight end Ricky Ortiz was a fast runner during the drill as well.

Collins made some great passes to Malik Gilmore and was stellar on some throws, yet overall he struggled with his accuracy and decision making.

In seven on seven drills, Del Rio and Mitchell stood out. Collins looked very hesitant and failed numerous times to get rid of the ball on time.

Del Rio made some very nice passes to Jordan Villamin here - Villamon had a very solid practice and continued to display dexterity and speed.

Del Rio also moved the ball effectively, utilizing Brown and Ortiz, before an incomplete pass to Damien Haskins.

Mitchell hit Hawkins, Woods, and wide receiver Rahmel Dockery throughout the drill before an errant throw to Brown.

Not all the incompletions were the fault of the quarterback. On one play, Dockery missed the catch and was verbally reprimanded by one of the offensive coaches. Dockery also had a great diving catch on the day.

Meanwhile, the defensive players worked on shedding blocks from various angles and dodging their man.

The quarterbacks later split off from the offensive group to work on their throwing technique.

Collins here had trouble finding the range, his passes were either too long or too short. He was spoken to by QBs coach Kevin McGiven and worked on adjustments for the rest of the drill.

Del Rio and Mitchell performed well throughout the entirety of the passing drill.

  • Brett Vanderveen ran with the tight ends rather than the quarterbacks. Whether this was a permanent move or just to fill out the ranks in practice is unknown. Vanderveen is listed at 6-5, 217-pounds on the spring roster.

  • The first scrimmage of the spring is scheduled for Saturday and will be the last Beaver practice for two weeks.

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