Spring ball begins again for Beavs

CORVALLIS -- The first day back from finals and spring break for Oregon State started out in a predictable fashion -- slow.

The team began the practice working with the kickers.

The offensive line switched up their normal responsibilities to focus on putting pressure the kickers as they worked to aim the ball between the goalposts.

Kickers Garrett Owens and Zach Standish had rock solid boots under the pressure of the offense.

Kyle Kempt is leaving the program after not making the top three designation at QB this spring.

Quarterbacks Luke Del Rio, Nick Mitchell, Seth Collins, and Marcus McMaryion worked on quick feet drills and passing to staff members.

McMaryion, a redshirt-freshman, struggled to keep up with the other players during the drill. He was also given special attention by the coaches regarding his throwing techniques.

Collins demonstrated strength and power during all the drills.

The quarterbacks also worked on passing to a net, Collins excelled by completing the drill objective multiple times.

Del Rio was also a standout during the footwork and net passing drills.

The offense and quarterbacks worked together during one drill as a group of eight. The offensive members would absorb contact from the padded dummies then catch passes from the quarterbacks.

Collins and McMaryion did well in passing to running backs.

Del Rio said he hopes to “grow and develop the offense for the rest of the practices.”

According to Gary Andersen, the two week break enabled the coaching staff to evaluate and collaborate on the coming three weeks of spring ball, “We’ve got a lot of new things.”

“The practice started out slow, we expected that,” he added.

The Beavs, though, put in good work, he said, and he said that it was a “productive day.”

He also emphasized, “the progression of offense has done a great job.”

The goals for spring over the last three weeks according to Andersen: to be more physical and “to play with tremendous effort.”

The training times for spring practice have changed and now start at 8 a.m. rather than the earlier 7 a.m.

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