Andersen: Beav QBs, offense have "best day"

CORVALLIS – Oregon State went inside to practice in the Merritt Truax indoor facility on Tuesday. Synching up on offense was first and foremost on the agenda. And by the end of the day, the Beaver quarterbacks and offense had done something they hadn't done all spring.

And that was put together their best outing of the spring session.

The quarterbacks worked heavily on distance passing. Nick Mitchell did very well in the drill. Seth Collins and Marcus McMaryion preformed about average.

Commenting on the 13th practice, Andersen said it was the “offense’s best day.”

That said, the passing overall only climbed to average from my view, and gives you an idea on how the passing has gone this spring.

Cornerbacks worked on footwork, defending out in the pattern as well as catching from coaches. Larry Scott, Dashon Hunt, and Kendall Hill were standouts in the drill.

During a 7 v. 7 drill, Mitchell made a nice pass to star wide receiver Victor Bolden, but Bolden dropped it.

The defense group worked on blocking with one another and against padded dummies.

The team also worked on an 11 v. 11 drill with Mitchell making a pass that intercepted by safety Adam Soesman.

Mitchell also made successful passes to wide receivers Jordan Villamin and Hunter Jarmon.

Marcus McMaryion made a successful pass to tight end Ricky Ortiz.

Collins made successful passes to Jarmon and Bolden and ran the ball nicely during one play.

McMaryion was still hesitating before letting go. McMaryion also connected to Villamin and Jarmon.

Throughout the drill running back Storm Woods did well with speed and timing.

Offensive coordinator Dave Baldwin said the offense “is coming along the way we want them to.”

He was also satisfied with the work wideout Richard Mulley put in today as he is still recovering from an elbow injury.

Regarding the spring game, “I think we’ll gear it down for now and have fun for the spring game,” Baldwin said.

Mitchell was pleased with today’s efforts and outcome, saying, “It’s all about coming out and executing every day.” For the upcoming spring game his goal is, “running offense to the best of my ability.”

Andersen is also happy with the progress the team has made and explained that the spring game will be broken into two quarters with one team in orange, the other in white. There will be a ten minute half time. He said it is “very, very important for our team to get in front of a crowd.”

During the spring game, Andersen also brought up the fact that the quarterbacks won’t be hit, just tagged.

Andersen was content with the quarterbacks’ performance today stating that, “today was their best day and they are moving in the right direction.”

“It’s very important to get strong and more physical - just like today,” he added.

Andersen also commented on Mullaney’s recovery from his broken elbow and said he brings a sense of calmness to the offense.

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