New phase in Beav recruiting about to begin

THIS WEEK figures to be the calm before the storm when it comes to Oregon State recruiting. The May Evaluation period has already begun but the Beavs won't hit the road just yet.

That's because schools are allowed on the road for only four of the six weeks between April 15 - May 31, (excluding Memorial Day and Sundays).

Scholarship offers by OSU, already considerable at this stage, will no doubt swell further once the coaches get out on the road and visit with prep coaches and bring back film for head man Gary Andersen to view. (Head coaches aren't allowed out on the road during the May Evaluation period since 2008).

Oregon State will spend this week going over the film of the 15 spring practices and meeting with players. It's not uncommon for some attrition to take place in the days and weeks following those meetings.

Andersen's assistants, though, will soon start to hit as many high schools as they can, talk to as many prep coaches as they can, watch as many practices or workouts as they can -- and ferry back miles of highlight tape for Andersen to evaluate and decide if OSU will make an offer.

During the May Evaluation Period, schools are allowed one on-field evaluation per prospect to assess athletic ability, and one more evaluation to assess a prospect's academic qualifications.

Additionally, schools are allowed to place one phone call to a prospect during the period. That used to be a huge deal but it's importance has lessened with the popularity of social media - these days coaches are already in contact through social media and asking prospects to call them. Still, it's a piece to the puzzle and it behooves OSU to make the call a good one.

No face to face contact is permitted outside of a member institution (a college campus) at this time of year, though "bumping," defined as a brief encounter, happens frequently during the May Evaluation period.

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