Beavs' work cut out for them this offseason

BASED ON WHAT Gary Andersen had to say after the spring football session had concluded, the next few months between now and fall camp in August will be critical to any success on the field in 2015.

Indeed, the most important person at Oregon State this offseason when it comes to the 2015 season might not be the head coach, an assistant coach or a player.

It might be Evan Simon, the Beavs' strength coach.

"Our biggest nemesis is our strength," Andersen told the Oregonian after the spring game. "I've said it a billion times ... and I'm gonna tell (the players) again."

Keep in mind, this comes after the winter workouts.

Headed into spring ball, most players generally weigh as much as they will all year, having worked all winter to pack on the pounds and add muscle. After spring ball, workouts typically shift more towards change of direction, focusing on speed and endurance headed into fall camp while still maintaining the muscle gains.

That may be adjusted between now and fall camp, given the coach's comments about the strength not being where it needs to be.

Simon has been with Andersen a while. He arrived in Corvallis after two years as the head strength and conditioning coach at Wisconsin. Before that he was the director of strength and conditioning at Utah State with Andersen from 2009-12.

So he knows what Andersen wants.

But there's also less than four months to get from here to there.

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