Beavs making a great case to host regional

WITH ONE GAME left in the regular season, it's not a given that the Beavs will be chosen to host in the baseball postseason. But with a strong finishing kick this season, and by boat racing No. 25 Cal the first two games this weekend, Oregon State has made one heck of a compelling case. Indeed, if OSU isn't chosen as one of 16 regional hosts, there will be controversy.

Of course, if Oregon State is chosen to host over Cal State Fullerton (RPI: 23), they'll have a gripe too.

But it is inconceivable to me that the selection committee would pick only one Pac-12 team (UCLA) to host. It's just to strong a probability two Pac-12 teams host given the strength of the conference.

And given how USC, ASU and Cal have fared this weekend, and then comparing that to the Beavs, Oregon State is looking like that second team.

The strongest argument USC had was their RPI. But they splitting a pair of games with ASU has left them where they started, with a 23 RPI. And although the committee tends to value an RPI over conference standing, USC could conceivably finish fifth in the conference, plus Los Angeles is already represented with UCLA.

Could the committee really award USC as a host in such a scenario?

ASU (RPI: 25) might have been able to sew up a spot as one of 16 regional hosts had they been able to sweep USC, but they're 1-1 heading into Sunday.

Oregon State's RPI meanwhile has climbed to 32 after their second win over Cal.

OSU will enter Sunday's season finale with an RPI of 32.

If Cal State Fullerton (RPI: 23) is the second West Coast host, the Beavers would likely have to open the NCAA Tournament on the road.

UC Santa Barbara (RPI: 16) heading into the weekend looked to have an excellent shot at sending OSU on the road in the regional but they have dropped two straight to UC Riverside (RPI: 25).

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