Andersen and Beavs cast net far and wide

WHEN IT COMES to casting a net far and wide on the recruiting trail, Gary Andersen and his staff at Oregon State are in the upper half of the Pac-12.

With the spring evaluation period having wrapped up a few days ago, Oregon State now stands at fifth in the Pac-12 in number of known offers out to uncommitted prospects, with 95.

California, to no surprise, is where Oregon State and virtually all of the Pac-12 have extended most of their offers.

Gary Andersen has about one-third of OSU's known offers in the Golden State. (Stanford is the only school with California prospects No. 2 on their list , they have eight offers out to CA prospects with nine to prospects in Texas).

Oregon State has 20 offers out to state of Florida prospects, the most in the Pac-12.

They also have double-digit offers out to Texas prospects, with 11. ASU has offered 20 Texas prospects, while UW has offered 15 and UCLA has offered 14.

Here’s the list of Pac-12 schools -- the first number is the total of known offers extended, with the number in parentheses signifying those out to California prospects.

ASU – 125 (29)
WSU – 111 (54)
Cal – 110 (36)
Utah – 108 (55)
Oregon State – 95 (31)
UCLA – 93 (33)
Colorado – 77 (24)
Arizona – 68 (25)
UW – 63 (28)
Oregon – 61 (19)
USC – 59 (19)
Stanford – 44 (8 in Cal, 9 in Texas)

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