Game 2: Baylor Bears

The Beavers improved to 2-0 for the second time in 31 years with a 27-17 victory over the Baylor Bears.

1998 Game by game Recap: Baylor Bears

The Beavers improved to 2-0 for the second time in 31 years with a 27-17 victory over the Baylor Bears.

The orange and black opened the scoring with two 80-plus yard drives cumulating in 24 and 9-yard touchdown runs by redshirt freshman Ken Simonton. Simonton finished the day with over 100 yards for the second consecutive game gaining 103 yards on 23 carries and the first two touchdowns of the game.

Cortez hits a field goal.
Jose Cortez hit two 50-yard field goals against Baylor.

"We really are excited about the fact that we have some consistency on the ground which we never really had last year," head coach Mike Riley said. "I know it is early and we have to build on it and we are going to be playing better teams, but it is very encouraging where we are with our running game. Ken is an instinctive runner who makes a lot of people miss. When he gets into the secondary, he can have a big play."

Terrance Bryant eclipsed the 200-yard mark for the second consecutive game by completing 21 of 36 passes for 208 yards and one touchdown.

"Terrance did a nice job of changing some plays at the line of scrimmage against Baylor. He took some hits and came back and played well," Riley said. "Our line, overall, is doing a good job of protection as our quarterback has only been sacked twice in two games and that is a definite improvement over a year ago. Terrance is growing and he made some good plays and he made some plays that we need to improve on in order to get better."

Bryant threw often to sure handed wide receiver Greg Ainsworth who finished the contest with a game high10 catches for 84 yards.

"We got into a situation where there was lot of bump and run, man-to-man defense and the man in the middle (slotback) became a priority target and Greg made good catches and positive yards," Riley said.

Bryant hit Roddy Tompkins during the final minute of the first half to give the Beavers a commanding 21-3 lead at halftime.

Speedy Tim Alexander set up the only score of the third quarter on an electrifying 50-yard kickoff return. Soon after Jose Cortez made it 27-3 on a 51-yard field goal. The longest Beaver field goal since Chris Mangold's 52-yarder against Minnesota in 1981.

Early in the fourth quarter the strong legged Cortez solidified the victory by hitting his second 50-yard field goal of the day sandwiched in between two Baylor touchdowns.

The Beaver defense turned in another good day limiting the Bears to 120 yards passing and forcing two interceptions.

Linebacker Bryan Jones continued his stellar play, intercepting one pass that setup a touchdown and garnering one sack.

"Bryan Jones has made a ton of plays and has been very visible," Riley said. "He is showing me that he is a very dominating player at outside linebacker, either rushing the passer, tackling a back or in pass coverage. He is a very versatile guy that is having very productive games so far this season."

Late in the fourth quarter an errant Bryant pass was picked off by Charles Foster which setup a one yard touchdown run by Anthony Overstreet to bring the Bears within 10. The Bears did not threaten again.

Riley was happy with his team's performance, but wanted to see more consistency on offense and the kicking game.

"If I had to pinpoint one thing, I would say consistency on offense is the first thing and probably the same thing in the kicking game. We need to avoid mental mistakes in the kicking game."

Beaver Nation was abuzz about the possibility of the football team going 3-0 for the first time since 1967 when the men in black finished 7-2-1. But the Beavers faced a tough test against the nationally ranked Trojans in Los Angeles.


  • The Beavers win over Baylor extended the Beavers non-conference winning streak to six games.
  • Jose Cortez's was the first Beaver to make two 50 yard field goals in one game.
  • Baylor set a school record with 19 penalties.
  • The last time the Beavers started 2-0 was in 1985 when the finished 3-8, they defeated Idaho and California to begin the season.
  • OSU place kicker Jose Cortez booted a 51 and 50-yard field goal against Baylor, the first time in history a Beaver place kicker has booted two kicks of 50 or more yards in a game. He became the fourth OSU player in history to boot a field goal over 50 yards. His 51-yarder is the eighth longest in Beaver history. He also missed a 50-yarder which would have tied an NCAA record had he made it. Two players in NCAA history have booted three 50-yarders in one game, Sergio Lopez-Chavero, Wichita State vs. Drake in 1984; and Jerry DePoyster of Wyoming vs. Utah in 1966.
  • By rushing for 103 yards vs. Baylor, Ken Simonton has put together back-to-back 100 yard games. The last time a Beaver had a pair of 100-yard rushing games in a season was current wide receiver Tim Alexander in 1996 against Arizona State and Northern Illinois, and tailback Akili King in the same season against California and Northern Illinois. The last time an OSU back rushed for 100 yards in three straight games was J.J. Young in 1993 against Pacific, Arizona State and USC. Young had five 100-yard rushing games in 1993.
  • Greg Ainsworth caught a career high 10 passes vs. Baylor, which ties him with a number of Beaver players for 7th on the all-time single-game list. Ainsworth actually caught 11 passes, but one was ruled a backward pass which goes down as a running play. He gained 22 yards on the play.
  • Baylor was penalized 19 times against OSU, matching an opponent record held by California in 1951.


Riley Recaps the Victory

"Overall it was a real good game for Oregon State. I thought we did a variety of things on offense that were good. We had a couple of key drives in the game to control the ball. I think the one drawback we have right now is consistency. I think we go into the corner sometimes for a little while and don't do anything. I think we are progressing and we played against a much stronger defense and did some very good things in the game. Defensively, I thought we controlled this game once again and I thought we really came up big in key situations when they were in scoring territory and we stopped them. They never really got into a rhythm of anything they could do effectively. They made a few plays but couldn't follow them up. I thought our defense was on top of their game. I thought we did some nice things in our kicking game. Jose (Cortez) had a couple of 50 plus field goals. He needs to be consistent on the shorter ones. He missed a short field goal that would have given us a 10-0 lead and that was a big miss. Overall, we were not as dominating in the kicking game as we were in the first game, but we still had a lot of positive things happen."


Big Daddy Orange's Commentary:
10 things that happened in Parker Stadium the Saturday after the Starr Report came out
(Text written using Bill/Monica-gate buzz words.)

  1. I would perjure myself if I said that I didn’t think that the Beavs were headed for big trouble at the end of the first half. The interception by Bryan Jones was HUGE!

  2. Allegations that Ken Simonton looks like a real deal running back appear to be true. The lurid details &/or stats from the first two games show him with two back to back 100+ yard games.

  3. Conservatively speaking it sounded like Section 26 was once again the loudest section. Shouts of JOSE JOSE JOSE were liberally sounded throughout the game.

  4. Talk about stonewalling what a job by the defense after the fumble after the stop on 4th and 1. They only allowed a field goal when they could have, from a strictly legal point of view, rolled over. Many Beaver doubters are repenting for ever doubting.

  5. Jose was a tad contrite after missing his first field goal attempt but he wiped away his tears of humility and nailed two long range field goals that in my mind exonerated him for his previous efforts that were somewhat misled just outside of the goal posts.

  6. Kudos to the athletic department for having orange shirts and face paint for sale at the souvenir booths. It doesn’t take a Grand Jury to figure out that more people might wear orange if there were orange shirts actually for sale.

  7. Class act of the day goes to Tim Alexander for staying on the field and signing autographs long after the game was over. And I mean a long time not of course Ken Starr Investigation long but pretty doggoned long. These types of liaisons with fans can only strengthen the ties between Beaver players and Beaver believers.

  8. Hustling get down special teams play of the day to Terrance Carroll for his tackle on a kickoff where he took out the blocker and the runner at the same time. The ball carrier had to resign himself to spending some quality time on his butt because Ricky knocked him down quicker than you can say cover up.

  9. Was that last drive by the offense an unadulterated work of art or what!? They didn’t score but they exonerated themselves by using up so much time that they put the game away. Censure me if you will or call for my impeachment from this website but I think Terrence Bryant is going to take the Beavs a long way before his career is through.

  10. There was a pretty good crowd on hand. School hasn’t started yet so the fans were neither salacious or prurient. This isn’t to imply that OSU students are salacious and prurient but I really wanted to use those two words in my article.

Box Score

FINAL               1ST  2ND  3RD  4TH     TOTAL
                    ---  ---  ---  ---     -----
BAYLOR                0    3    0   14      17
OREGON ST             7   14    3    3      27   FINAL

            BYLR - FG, MATT BRYANT 21 YD, 13:12
                   (JOSE CORTEZ KICK), 14:18
   3RD QTR: ORST - FG, JOSE CORTEZ 50 YD, 10:41
            ORST - FG, JOSE CORTEZ 51 YD, 1:50
                   KICK), 7:08
                         Baylor   Oregon St 
First downs                  17          25 
Rushed-yards             47-195      37-139 
Passing yards               120         208 
Sacked-yards lost          2-13         1-8 
Return yards                 10          48 
Passes                  11-24-2     21-36-1 
Punts                    8-45.0      5-35.6 
Fumbles-lost                0-0         3-1 
Penalties-yards          19-144        7-88 
Time of possession        32:18       27:42

Individual Statistics 
RUSHING: Baylor-James 14-82, Overstreet 8-57, Bush 15-35,
Lagway 7-16, Burkins 3-5. Oregon St-Simonton 23-103, Ainsworth
1-22, Dandridge 11-20, Bryant 2-minus 6.

PASSING: Baylor-James 8-19-1-65, Alfred 3-5-1-55. Oregon
St-Bryant 21-36-1-208.

RECEIVING: Baylor-Anderson 5-48, Simpkins 2-12, Lagway 1-31,
Bush 1-12, Fuller 1-10, D Thompson 1-7. Oregon St-Ainsworth
10-84, Alexander 4-36, J Kuykendall 2-11, Battle 1-36, Tompkins
1-14, Maurer 1-13, Dandridge 1-13, Simonton 1-1.

Att: 26,243


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