Trench Report: Dustin Stanton

The offensive line is one of the most important units for the team, but many don't know what makes a good lineman great. Time to break down the Beavers starters with a look at senior Dustin Stanton.

Dustin Stanton:

Right Tackle, Senior

HT: 6’6”

WT: 305


  • 3rd year as starter (18 Career Starts)
  • 3 time Pac-12 All-Academic Team member



  • Stanton is a physical presence out there that is not really given enough credit for his strength.  
  • As a former tight end, he has a lot of quickness in his feet, which you can see in his first step of his pass protection and how well he covers and recovers defenders with his feet.  (EX.01) Many times he will get a defender extended so far away on a pass play, while maintaining position that they quit.
  • Dustin also has a bit of nasty in how he blocks.  Sometimes he might have a stalemate, but then he comes on top because he just starts imposing his will on the defender.  (EX. 02)
  • I would say that Dustin is definitely one of the better pass blockers on the team and does a good job of getting to the second level on run blocking.


  • Dustin runs the play as intended and will keep fighting for position.  This is great, but sometimes he needs to read the defender quicker and put a hand on the back of the defender and just driving them the direction he wants to go.  This would open up a lot of cutback lanes or help him stay on the guys he is blocking. (EX 03, EX 04)
  • I think Stanton could be a little more explosive out of the gate. There are times where he is a beat slow getting out (which could be any number of things from a quiet QB to snap count issues), but on run plays he is sometimes meeting the defender when they are already in motion, rather than forcing them to react to his position.



I think Dustin has a great opportunity to be an All-Conference player for the Beavers. I know it is a popularity contest, but at some point, some players are just too good to be left off.  I am sure the defenders that Oregon State plays will mention #74 as someone that they hated going against.  For this season, I think Stanton is probably poised to be our best lineman.  If he can stay healthy, his senior year should leave him with a great shot at continuing to play next year if that is his desire.


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