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BeaverBlitz.com is a website dedicated to covering Oregon State University's athletic programs. The primary focus is Beaver football, basketball, baseball and recruiting news.  BeaverBlitz.com is fully credentialed with the Oregon State Sports Information Department which allows us to better serve our subscribers. Each day we provide Beaver fans with timely Oregon State sports content, including news not found on the official site or print media channels. Our online presence is bolstered through a premium and exclusive message board dedicated to Oregon State Athletics.


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Angie Machado, Publisher

Angie is well connected to Oregon State and is the publisher, and operates the website on a full-time basis. WEBSITE ROLES: Publisher and Recruiting Expert, Television, Radio, etc.

Eric Machado, Editor

Eric is an Oregon State insider who has been in and around the program for over 20 years. WEBSITE ROLES: Co-Publisher and Editor, OSU and Pac-12 Analyst

Raju Woodward, Football and Features Writer

Raju is a longtime contributor to BeaverBlitz.  He brings an extensive history with the Beavers program, a knowledge of sports and a talent for writing compelling features.

Peter Riley Osborne, Football Writer

Peter is a former offensive lineman who knows what it takes to play in the trenches at the collegiate level.  He has a vast knowledge of football that he brings to both features and message board posts.

Brian Rathbone, Beat Writer

Brian has been with BeaverBlitz for two years.  He is the man on the scene at practice and brings further insights into the message boards.

Jeff Perry, Baseball Analyst

Jeff is known throughout Beaver Nation as the expert on Oregon State baseball. WEBSITE ROLES: Baseball Expert, Lodge Moderator and Admin.

Adam Nicholson, Recruiting Analyst & Moderator

Adam is one of the primary Recruiting Experts on the website. He writes features and moderates recruiting discussion. WEBSITE ROLES: Recruiting Expert and Football Analyst

Eric Bowman, Basketball Analyst

Eric brings a wealth of knowledge to our basketball coverage. He is a former coach, both at the high school and collegiate level. WEBSITE ROLES: Basketball Expert

Shoveller, BeaverBlitz.com Founder

One of the original founders of BeaverBlitz.com. WEBSITE ROLES: Recruiting Analyst and Special Projects

PonderingBeaver, BeaverBlitz.com Co-Founder

One of the original founders of BeaverBlitz.com.



1999: In 1999 BeaverSportsCentral.com was launched on the Rivals Network by Ben Summers. Over the next two years it transitioned to Mike Denison and Alex Firth and was renamed pure-orange.net.

Those of us now operating BeaverBlitz frequented the original Rivals.com website. We enjoyed the Beaver community, recruiting news provided by Rivals, recruiting database, and the sports information that was shared by members. It was our intent to bring this back to Beaver fans who enjoyed recruiting and football news.2000 The original Rivals.com format was not content or subscriber oriented, and the business model couldn't survive based on advertising. Rivals reopened under a stronger business management team and many of the same recruiting gurus (such as Bobby Burton) remained. However, Rivals.com was without an Oregon State presence.

In the autumn of 2000 a website called "Unofficial OSU Facilities" was created with the intention of reporting on the sports facilities at Oregon State. It was constructed by several people on the BeaverBlitz staff and maintained for over a year. The Facilities site eventually faded as the BeaverBlitz concept was conceived.

2001: The original seed for this website was planted in the winter of 2001. After spending several months working on an operational plan and becoming NCAA Compliant, BeaverBlitz officially opened on March 1st, 2002.

2002: Rick Kimbrel joins the Rivals Team in 2002 to give the network a superior West Coast presence, and he's been an integral part of the effort at BeaverBlitz. Matt Mansfield becomes one of the core members at BeaverBlitz. Matt's expertise in recruiting knowledge and football go back to the original Rivals website and make him the perfect fit.

2003: This year brought more good news and resources to the BeaverBlitz community. Student Sports, the Nike Camps, and Greg Biggins join the Rivals family. Jeff Perry ("View from the 4th Street") and Matt Henderson ("Tale of the Tapes") begin volunteering with the site on a regular basis.

2004: BeaverBlitz is now the largest OSU Membership website on the internet, and the daily readership continues to grow. Biogeeks, provided by beevergeek, become an instant hit and the Recruiting War Room makes its first appearance. Todd McBeaver and Moose begin basketball coverage and analysis with the Basketball Tale of the Tape. Raju Woodward joins the team as a feature sports writer.

2005: This was another great year for the 'Blitz Community. BlitzArchive.com was created by Greg Perry, and it has become one of the most popular fan features. Casey Thomas takes over the anchorman position on the Daily Links, which continues to be the most visited Beaver Pages. Brad Hoiseth (JCGridiron.com) becomes Blitz's voice for JUCO Recruiting. The BeaverBlitz tailgaters and popularity swell. They culminated at the spring game when the Blitz Community packs a local PGE Park bar before the Spring Game.

2006: This becomes the best year on record for BeaverBlitz.com. Angie and Eric Machado add their talents to the daily operations of the website, and their connections and insight take the news and recruiting coverage to the next level. Dave Wilson is a savory addition to the Blitz Team by lending his BBQing skills and event planning.

2007: It was another great year for BeaverBlitz and the Beavers. Yahoo! became the marketing partner for Rivals.com and Jed Tai officially assumed the role of Recruiting Director with Angie and Eric's guidance. Barometer Sports Editor Sean McLean joins the Blitz team to write sports features.

2008: Angie, Eric, and Jed continue to focus on recruiting to make Blitz the best place to get the real scoop on Oregon State recruiting. The Blitz community thrives with the Spring Tailgater and reintroduced chat sessions.

2009: BeaverBlitz welcomed Adam and Anthony to the team and enjoyed its best year of recruiting coverage. Our fantastic photographer Liza brought a new twist to recruiting coverage with shots of recruits on official visits.

2010: Travis brought his pen and paper to the BeaverBlitz Team to increase coverage during spring and summer football camp.After many years of hard work, it was announced that the Nike Football Camp would be held at Oregon State University in the spring of 2010.

2011: BeaverBlitz officially brings Travis and Dan into the mix. Among the new features are BeaverBlitz TV and the Beaver Nation blog.

2012: Photographer Geoff Thomsen delivers sideline photos for BeaverBlitz and JP’s Weekly Walk-Off becomes one of the most popular baseball features online. BeaverBlitz.com begins covering football camps that leverage the Oregon State staff in Califonia and other locations.

2013: Angie becomes a regular on Comcast’s College Football programs and radio shows around the state. Brooks Hatch joins the BeaverBlitz Team, the first BeaverBlitz.com Recruiting Guide is published, and Scott Hood provides editorial features.

2016: BeaverBlitz.com moves to the Scout.com Network to further deepen our recruiting coverage with the strongest national analyst team in the nation as well as the largest PAC 12 community as well.

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