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Predictions: Oregon State vs Minnesota

The Beavers take the field in Minneapolis tonight at 6 pm PT, which means it is time for the BeaverBlitz staff to weigh in with their predictions for the game.

Angie Machado:  Oregon State 24 – Minnesota 21

Yes, this is an Oregon State team that won just two games last season, however I do think this game is a lot closer than the 13 points Vegas has it at right now.  This is a team that is hungry to go out and prove people wrong and they know that most opponents may be overlooking them.  They will surprise some teams this year, and honestly Minnesota could be that team.  There is a quiet confidence around the program right now, so I predict this being a close game.  I think in the end, the Beavers shock the Gophers in a 24-21 win, that comes down to the Beavers experienced special teams play.

Eric Machado: Minnesota 31 - Oregon State 21

Going on the road against a B1G bowl team, who was pretty close in all their 2015 losses, is not a recipe for a opening day win for a young Beaver squad.  I think Oregon State can keep it close for awhile, but the defense will wear down in the second half, allowing the Gophers to pull away.  

Shoveller:  Minnesota 33 – Oregon State 24

Breaking in a new QB, OC, and DC on the road is a tall order for a young team.  Minnesota has been somewhat relevant over the last few years so it’s a real test coming out of the gates...

Jeff Perry:  Minnesota 24 – Oregon State 17

Closer than the odds-makers are expecting, and one that I think we'll look back on as a game we could have won.  We'll see definite improvement over the 2015 version of the Beavers, but there's just a bit too much youth and inexperience to expect to steal one on the road opening weekend against a solid program.

Adam Nicholson: Minnesota 24 - Oregon State 17

 I think we all will see a more competitive Beavers team this year right out of the gate. Despite keeping the game close, the Beavs lose it in the 4th quarter to the Gophers.

Brian Rathbone: Minnesota 24 – Oregon State 16

To me, these two teams are so similar in so many ways. So it comes down to the small details: home-field advantage, not having to travel two time zones, more experience at quarterback, maybe slightly better talent. The Beavers will have a good showing, but I’m taking the Gophers in the Buck Tooth Bowl 24-16.   

Peter Riley Osborne: Minnesota 35 – Oregon State 28

If this was week 3 I think we would probably win, but I think that there are just too many young guys on defense to stop their team all game. I actually think OSU will start fast, but I don't think they are going to get worn out.  

Raju Woodward: Minnesota 31 – Oregon State 17

The Golden Golphers will be a tough matchup for the OSU offensive line, resulting in Garretson and Co. struggling to get into a rhythm early. Defensively, the Beavers will hang tough, until Minnesota's ground game wears them down and open things up. Look for Nall and a receiver to score for the Beavers.

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