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Notes & Quotes from Minnesota

Notes & quotes from the post-game press conference after Oregon State's 23-30 loss at Minnesota.


  • QB Darell Garretson made his first start for the Beavers after making 11 starts at Utah State during the 2014 and '15 seasons.
  • OSU had five first time starters who had never played a down for the Beavers: Defense -- Elu AydonXavier Crawford  Offense – Blake BrandelYanni Demogerontas, and Darell Garretson
  • Garretson's first completed pass of his Beaver career came at the 8:15 mark to Ryan Nall for 31 yards and the first non-penalty first down of the game.
  • Seth Collins stepped in at QB (shotgun) at the 9:26 mark of the first quarter as Garretson positioned himself at WR. Garretson returned to QB the following play. Collins played QB a total of six snaps
  • The first TD of the 2016 season came at the 5:52 mark of the first quarter, a 6-yard pass from Garretson to TE Noah Togiai. The 89-yard scoring drive was the second-longest in the Gary Andersen Beaver coaching era (98-yard drive vs. Oregon in '15).
  • True-freshman Artavis Pierce carried the ball for the first time in his college career at the 11:56 mark of the second quarter for two yards.
  • Tim Cook's first Beaver rush came on the first play from scrimmage in the second half for two yards. Then he caught his first pass for TD –12 yards at the 2:30 mark of third quarter.
  • Victor Bolden moved into 16th position on the all-time receiving yards list with 1,353. He passed Tim Euhus (1,346) and Greg Ainsworth (1,349). His 30-yard TD reception in the second quarter marks the third-longest scoring pass in the Andersen era.
  • Ryan Navarro recovered the first opponent turnover of the season – at the 4:03 mark of the third quarter – on a bobbled fielding of a punt. It led to Cook's TD reception.
  • Noke Tago made his first tackle since 2013. Due to injuries he played in only one game last year and just five games over the last two seasons.


Gary Andersen, Oregon State Head Coach

“It was a obviously hard fought football game. We knew what we were getting in Minnesota. Well, at least I did, and many people on our staff that played this team before knew exactly what they were going to get and they are a tough-nosed, hard, physical football team. Second half they were going to come out and try to impose their will on you and they did. We handled those situations pretty well, which was a good thing to see. The two turnovers were huge. The negatives I would say to you right out of the gate that are glaring is our ability to the rush the passer on our base defense and the ability to protect the passer and those things when all said and done, you know with the turnovers basically getting evened up then with the safety and dropped punt, we were able to score, so points given on both sides…The quarterback for them for the most part was able to make plays with his feet, but he was sitting back there taking the time he needed to throw the football and even when Darell (Garretson) was completing it most of the time, he was crawling back off the ground, so I see that as a huge factor in this football game and it’s something that will have to be improved. There are some very talented weapons on the outside with this football team I believe. Not a lot of plays you can draw up on the board and put on the play book when you have to throw in half of a second……Those are the kids that are talented and we have to give those kids some time and give those kids the ball. I am proud of the fight and I am proud of the hurt it showed in their faces after this football game, which is important.”

On Darell Garretson’s ability to handle the pass rush and make quick decisions

“I thought Darell did a very good job and I know he did have to go get the ball out quicker and he knew that and he understood that. You aren’t going to find a tougher kid than that, so he will stay in there and he will fight like crazy and he didn’t just get hit, he got drilled numerous times, and to take those shots on two turnovers and then come in there and hang in there to stick those balls the way he did. The one to Victor (Bolden Jr.) was a great pass and the one to Seth (Collins) to get the first down and to get us moving down the field. Those were big-time plays and he took some shots and completed the other one in the end zone, when he got wacked. There is definitely some toughness in the kid that I already know about and also a lot of us on the staff know about that. He will keep fighting and lay it all out on the field.”

Oregon State Linebacker Manase Hungalu

On end of the game play calls

“You know, the coaches made the right calls, put us in the right positions. Everybody on the defense, we just have to play our role and do our job. If we do that we would have made the plays and it would have been a different ball game.” 

On communication on defense

“It was good. Everybody was communicating. I think it was just executing the plays and finishing. Everybody was in the right place. It was just finishing and making the tackle.”

Oregon State Safety Devin Chappell

On emotions at the end of the game

“I think everybody was excited that we came back after the safety. Defense stepped up and got the punt return back. Just being that close, I think everybody was excited to be in the ball game. You know, just finishing was the problem.”

“You know, at the end of the day, a loss is a loss. We are not satisfied with being close to winning. A loss is a loss whether you lose by an inch or a mile. We do not care. At the end of the day we need to win and that is what we are going to do.”

On communication…

“Communication was fine. Once again, just like Manase said, we just got to execute. We got to do what our coaches teach us to do and we got to perform.”

On whether or not there were any encouraging aspects to the outcome of the game…

“Well, we know we could have won that game and we know we should have won that game. Whether that is encouraging or not… like I said, a loss is a loss. We are going to take that L and we need to move forward. Like I said, we need to get better as a defense and we need to get better as a team and we need to move forward.”


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