Williams talks bye week & ISU prep

Cornerback Dwayne Williams spoke to BeaverBlitz on Monday about the bye week and getting ready for Idaho State.

Dwayne Williams spoke to BeaverBlitz on Monday as the team gets ready to face Idaho State after an early season bye week.  Here is the transcript from the video interview.

Q: Prepping for Idaho State

A: The bye week, we usually use the bye week as a big mental period to learn from all of our mistakes from the last game and also build on for this next game. We also use it to kind of get our bodies back we got the weekend off so everyone was out here kind of fresh and feeling confident about going into this week’s game.

Q: What did you look to clear up, especially in the defensive backfield

A: In the defensive backfield we just went over a lot of stat calls and that was some of the stuff we messed up on in the Minnesota game, so we got that all cleared up and we’re real confident about going into this week and the rest of the season.

Q: Thrown into the game feeling good after the Minnesota game

A: Yeah, I’m feeling a lot better and getting more reps.  You know in fall camp I had a little minor set back with my right hamstring, but I’m feeling better now, everyone is healthy now and we’re all getting a good amount of reps.

Q: What did you learn about the defensive backs after Minnesota (positive & negative)

A: Man, I learned that all of us have heart, especially Xavier Crawford, that was his first college game and he came and they tried him deep a few times and he didn’t give up nothing. So I now have a lot more confidence in everyone as a whole.

Q: You mentioned Xavier Crawford, anything else standout as a defense

A: I feel like we stopped the run pretty well against them, we had a few mistakes but that’s going to happen.  Another guy that stood out was Treston Decoud, I feel that he is always been a leader, always looked to him as a leader, he went into that game he played an important role and he did good.

Q: What did you think of Seth Collins’ game

A: Ah Seth he is a dynamic player, every time he has the ball in his hands he makes big plays, I’d like to see the ball in his hands a lot more.

Q: Who would win in a race between you and Seth

A: Me and Seth? I’d beat Seth in a race (laughs)

Q: What about you and Paul Lucas

 A: If me and Paul ran a race I’d probably beat him by 40 yards (more laughs)

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