Thompson updates recruiting

Three-star wide receiver Bryan Thompson talks about his upcoming visit schedule and what programs are keeping him a priority.

Three-star receiver Bryan Thompson from Rancho Verde has become a top target with many college programs, with seemingly half the PAC-12 in pursuit. Oregon State is one of the many universities to provide Thompson with an offer, but so far the receiver is undecided. Thompson caught up with the Beaver Blitz to provide insight into his current situation.

Thompson is still fairly early in the process of deciding on a college, but the list of suitors is still sizable. 

“I hear a lot from OSU, Utah, Boise, UCLA, Wazzu,” Thompson said. Coach Brennan has been leading the charge for Oregon State.

The PAC-12 has maintained the most contact, but Thompson has plans to expand his search for the right program.

“I plan to visit Boise St., and I want to talk to ACC and SEC schools.”

So far, Thompson hasn’t scheduled any visits with Oregon State and isn’t sure if he will ultimately schedule one. 

“I’m not really sure yet, I have to wait and see.”

As of right now, Oregon State is lower on Thompson’s list, but this could change in the coming months. Thompson won’t announce his chosen program until signing day, making the wait until February 1st that much longer. 

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