BeaverBlitz Staff Predictions: Idaho State

Oregon State opens up the home schedule and an 11 week run after an early week two bye. The BeaverBlitz staff weighs in with their predictions for the game.

Angie Machado:  Oregon State 56 - Idaho State 10

This should be a total domination game from the start and the Beavers need to make it an exclamation game by pushing on the pedal.  Of course Beaver fans have visions of Sacramento State and Eastern Washington, but if the team has made the progress that we think they have, this will be over by half time.

Eric Machado:  Oregon State 45 - Idaho State 10

Shouldn't be close.  While I'd expect Idaho State to muster more than the 96 yards of total offense they did against the Colorado Buffalos, I wouldn't count on them doubling it.    This game is all about the Beavers continuing to practice and refine the offensive and defensive playbook.

Shoveller:   Oregon State 38 - Idaho State 16

Expect the offensive line to step-up this week and punish Idaho State.  As one pundit explained, they are blocking for a backfield that they respect and there is a lot of confidence and anger about their Week One performance.

Jeff Perry:  Oregon State 61 - Idaho State 10

Yep, it'll feel like 2007 all over again, and I'm picking the identical score.  The Beavs benefit from poor, sad ISU rolling into their second Pac-12 paycheck game in a row after getting hammered in Boulder last week.  The 2016 OSU team is both better than last year and they're hungry for a win over someone/anyone at this point so I have no worries it'll look like last year's lackluster win over Weber State.  Seeing a little success will become infectious for the Bevas, and I think the fight will go out of ISU fairly early as the "awww, man... not this again" sensation sets in.

John Newby: Oregon State 38 - Idaho State 14

Alma mater of Jared Allen--although he doesn't like to admit it--Idaho State is the perfect team for Oregon State to rebound against after the loss to Minnesota. The Bengals have issues rushing the passer, and the secondary struggles against faster receivers. Darell Garretson will pick this defense apart. 

Adam Nicholson: Oregon State 41 - Idaho State 10

Think the Beavs are much more efficient this game, sustaining drives and capitalizing by putting points on the board. The defensive/special teams unit will also account for a score. The Bengals will get a field goal on their opening drive, which will make the Beaver faithful a little restless, but the Beaver D steps their game up and are stout the rest of the way, only giving up a garbage time TD. After being non existent in against Minnesota, Jordan  Villamin has a huge game on offense, while Manase Hungalu earns the Giant Killer award on defense.

Brian Rathbone: Oregon State 61 - Idaho State 17

This one shouldn't be close. I usually don't like to look how other team fair against a common opponent because each matchup and each week presents it's own challenges. But, if Colorado was able to walk all over Idaho State, there is no reason why Oregon State can't do the same against Idaho State on 16 days rest. 

Peter Riley Osborne: Oregon State 56 - Idaho State 3

Total domination!

I think we are going to win 56 - 3.  I think the team comes out and exorcises some demons at the expense of ISU. I do think that our starters stay in a while. They need the work, but it will be a blow out. 

Raju Woodward: Oregon State 38 - Idaho State 17

OSU will ride Nall early on, opening up the passing game for Garretson and Co., leading to some big plays. On the other side of the ball, expect the Beavers to generate more pressure than they did against Minnesota and force at least three turnovers. It's only when OSU pulls it's starters mid way through the third quarter that the Bengals move the ball. 


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